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Day Vs. Night Perfumes

When it comes to perfumes, many people are looking for a unique scent. Fragrances for men and women, just like anything else in the beauty world, are a form of self expression. A perfume can set the tone of your evening, enhance your mood or give you a dose of confidence before you walk out the door. One spritz of a seductive perfume before going out on a date will certainly set the tone for the night, however, the same fragrance may not be the perfect choice for a meeting with your boss in the morning. Thus, it is essential to choose a perfume according to time of day and occasion. And while we certainly are not trying to push this idea, we are hoping you’ll follow our advise.

So, lets take a moment and focus on the theme of the day – difference between day and night mens and womens fragrances. We all know that day and night are very opposite when it comes to style and fashion. There is no exception when it comes to your choice of a signature mens or womens fragrances as well. It is highly recommended to have two different signature scents – one that is appropriate for daytime, and one that works perfect for night. Many of us usually have summer and winter perfumes, but wearing a strong perfume during day is really not your smartest decision.


During day you should opt for more neutral notes of mens or womens fragrances that will not be offensive to people around you. For example, wearing a strong perfume such as Opium by YSL or Gucci by Gucci to your morning staff meeting is really not recommended. These fragrances are strong and empowering and more appropriate for a more formal occasions. For a daytime you should go with a perfume that is a little fresher and lighter. So, choose a floral or piney scent. Likewise, for the evening a musky and heavy scent will do the work.

Here are our suggestions for ideal day and night womens fragrances and fragrances for men.

Lacoste Pour Homme – This brand has become a synonym for sporty, yet classic styles, offering everything from cool hats, shirts, polos and other fashionable pieces. The Lacoste fragrances for men are perfect choice for daytime and for enhancing your confidence. They offer key notes of Italian bergamot, ruby grapefruit, juniper berry, apple, pink peppercorn, cardamom, cinnamon bark, vanilla bean, sandalwood and musk.

Obsession Night – A perfect nighttime fragrances for men with an oriental and woody scent. With a blend of black suede, aquatic notes, vanilla and patchouli, this scent is a true seductive aphrodisiac. The key notes of this incredible nighttime perfume are black suede, cardamom, patchouli, vanilla, leather and rich warm woods.

Roses De Chloe – When it comes to daytime womens fragrances, this graceful and gentle fragrance tries to capture a walk down the rose gardens in Paris. It includes fresh notes of bergamot, developing into essence of damask rose with magnolia that gives this scent a modern touch.

DKNY Delicious Night – The name implies it – this is a nighttime perfume. This perfume for women was presented in 2007 and comes in a stylish bottle. It offers a combination of chilled blackberry martini accord, purple freesias, frozen pomelo and crushed ginger. It is a long lasting and strong perfume.