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Paco Rabanne Summer Pop vs Hugo Boss Femme

Every woman has at least two favorite perfumes – one for cold winter days and one that she uses in warmer seasons. And she wears both with such pleasure. In general, a woman has the power to attract other people (men in particular). However, this power becomes more powerful when using a proper perfume. The main reason why women love perfumes so much is because they love to smell nice and like to be complimented on their appeal. They usually like fresh and fruity scents for the warm seasons and a bit stronger scents for colder seasons. Today we’ll discuss more about fresh scents like Paco Rabbane “Summer Pop – Ultraviolet” and Hugo Boss “Femme”.

 Paco Rabanne-perfume

Let’s start with Summer Pop. Paco Rabanne, after the success of Ultraviolet, presented new summer limited edition sensation, Ultraviolet Summer Pop, which was launched in 2007. This fresh and sunny woman’s fragrance boosts mood and energy throughout the day. It is a mix of Pop Art energy and classic Paco Rabanne spirit. This perfume falls under the floral – fruity category. Top notes are pink grapefruit and pink pepper; heart note is wonderful coral flower and base notes include sandalwood and vanilla. It is appropriate for warm season throughout the day. The price is around $50 – $70.

On the other hand, we have Hugo Boss Femme, an amazing scent that will transport you into a new dimension. It combines notes of musk, mandarin, rose, lily, freesia. Femme for women is a genuine product of Hugo Boss experts. It is romantic and pleasing, feminine and sexy, casual and sweet. The heart notes are floral, jasmine, lilly and rose. It was launched in 2006. The price is between $30 and $70, depending on the weight. The Femme perfume is also casual and appropriate for everyday use.

Regardless of the real price, you can always find cheap perfume online. Many online retailers or specialty stores offer discount and cheaper perfumes mainly because of low fixed costs. Also, for Christmas, Easter and on every big holiday, you can find perfumes on sale or sets with shower gel and body lotion which are more affordable. Everyone can afford to buy a set or two for a mother or a father as a present for their anniversary or birthdays.

In conclusion, before buying your favorite perfume, search online stores. You will surely find your perfume at a lower price. But, be careful! Always buy from trusted online store. And, as for the above described perfumes, I strongly recommend both of them because they are appropriate for day and evening use.


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