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Art-Inspired Wedding Seating Charts to Guide Your Guests to Their Tables

Putting the seating plan together is one thing, but displaying it is a totally different story. Creating your wedding table plan can be a fun thing to do, especially because there are so many great ideas to choose from. Don’t get us wrong – escort cards are totally fine if they suit your theme most. But, sometimes there are other things that meet couples’ needs more. If your idea of the perfect wedding involves displaying your guest list and seating chart on one ideally designed spot, then using a wedding easel is the way to go. Plus, choosing an all-in-one display will reduce your costs since buying a lot of escort cards can turn out to be pricey.

wedding easel

When it comes to choosing a way to display your guest seating chart, the options are endless. From wedding easels and frames to balloons and chalkboards, here are our favourite art-inspired ways to guide your guests to their tables on your big day.

Wedding Display Easel

Not only it is the perfect decoration piece to complement your wedding theme, but the wedding display easel is also extremely convenient, especially for an outdoor wedding. When designing the layout for your ceremony under the open sky, it’s essential to have pieces of decor that will provide your guests with directions and information. This is especially important if your celebration takes place in a huge space where your guests can easily get lost. Of course, setting up a long table with all the needed information will also do the job, but it will not provide that appealing and eye-catching effect that a wedding easel will.

Wedding Seating Charts

Wooden easels are one of the most popular choices – they come in different styles, including traditional white and rustic wood, and can suit different wedding themes. They are the ideal way to prop up the guestbook during the wedding reception to provide your guests with the correct directions. They can serve to display the table plan, your favourite engagement photos and anything else that you want your guests to see. You can also use the easel to display the wedding’s schedule, so your guests will know when your first dance will take place, when dinner will be served or when will the best man give his speech.

Other Seating Chart Ideas

Easels are the most convenient and most popular way to provide your guests with certain info from the get-go, that’s for sure, however, there are several other options you can consider. For instance, pressed flowers in a frame with names on them is a perfect and unique way that adds a personalized touch. And when the wedding is done, you can use them as a wedding favours and give them to your guests.

wedding easel for guest seats

Another good idea involving frames is using gold frames – each one of them featuring the number of the table and the names of the guests who are supposed to site there. Gold frames paired with a little greenery look stunning. Or, maybe you want to add special place seating charts. In this case, name the tables according to your favourite places – a simple yet interesting idea that will give your wedding a unique touch. Also, a simple seating chart with a boxwood of greenery will provide an extra dose of elegance. For a more rustic touch, consider a wooden table paired with lanterns and flowers.

Although mirrors are most commonly used as table centrepieces, they can also work perfectly well as seating charts. Gold framed mirrors in a wall of greenery and blooms will add that much-needed touch of luxury to the reception area. Furthermore, record seating charts are perfect for couples who are looking for something that is music-related. A big display with spray-painted records is sure to wow your guests. Calligraph each record with the guests’ name and place a record player nearby to tie the entire look together.

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Last but not least – before displaying your seating chart, you should first decide on some other important things. For instance, what shape will your tables be? This is important because the shape and size of the tables will dictate the number of guests that can be seated at each one. When organizing the seating, keep your best friends close to you. The first table is yours, the second one is for your parents and the third nearest table should be for your wedding party people. Organize all your guest by groups and try to make everyone feel comfortable by offering a blend of new and familiar faces at each table. Also, avoid seating together people who have a history that they want to forget. If there will be kids on the wedding, consider adding a separate kids table but make sure it’s not too far from their parents’ table. Having some sort of wedding seating plan will make your reception go smoothly, so it’s worth spending a little bit of your time thinking about it and organizing it.