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Window Security Screens vs Insect Screens: Know the Difference

Window screens. They have always been the hallmark of homes across Australia. As a continent with the most diverse wildlife, there are just so many creatures running around and trying to sneak their way into our homes, from pesky mosquitoes to venomous snakes. But window screens make it almost impossible for any animal, insect, or a person with malicious intentions to disrupt the security of our home.

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Because making sure the home is a peaceful and safe environment is of high priority for everyone, many homeowners opt for window screens. If you’re a first-time buyer looking for a quality screen, some confusion may arise. Especially when you find out that there are two types of screens: insect screens and security screens. Before you can make a good decision, you need to be aware of the difference between these two similar products.

Insect screens, like their name suggests, can perform only one job – prevent flies, spiders, mosquitoes and any other insect from entering your home. A flyscreen installer or a handyman can fix them to your door frames and window frames, or you can opt for DIY installation. The standard insect screen is usually made of mesh and aluminium. Mesh models can be made either from polyester mesh that’s coated with PVC, or from midge mesh with a tighter weave that serves as a special protection from midge flies, commonly known as sand flies.

On the other hand, window security screens are built for preventing even worse things than insects entering your house, like for instance, wild and dangerous animals, or burglars and intruders. Unlike insect screens which are built from regular materials, window security screens can be made from exceptionally sturdy materials, such as high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Window Security Screens

While insect screens can be useful, they are not regulated by any Australian security standards, and are not a good option if security is of concern to you. On the other hand, certified window security screens are tested rigorously whether they can withstand hard impacts and knife or shear attacks. any window security screens are built with a very narrow weave similar to insect screens.

And lastly, when comparing the durability of these two types of window screens, insect screens always fall short. Windows security screens are purpose-built to withstand the most challenging and corrosive conditions. If you’re living near the coast where there’s humid and salty sea air or at an area with harsh weather conditions, security screens are the smarter option of the two. Another benefit of security screens is that they come with UV protection, making them resistant against damage from the sun.