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White Wine vs. Beer?

Some rivalries seem to never die, and one of the most common ones surely is wine vs. beer. I am sure that many times you have found yourself in a restaurant uncertain which one to order. We all have. The truth is, if you are dining, then your meal choice has a great say in what your beverage choice should be. Some meals pair better with beer, others will make order white wine, and some of them will make you go for a red variety.

Besides great enjoyment, alcohol also provides some health benefits, among which the most well-known one is a lower risk of heart disease. Also, if you are suffering from a small appetite, a glass of alcoholic drink before a meal may stimulate your appetite.

So, let’s take a look at some of the oldest rivalry there is when it comes to drinking alcohol, white wine vs. beer.

White Wine


Be realistic, drinking wine is so much sexier than drinking beer. There is something more sophisticated and more dashing about it. It lifts the mood and it makes every occasion more special. Moreover, many people choose wine over beer because of its enormous health benefits and protection against certain diseases. And not to forget, one of the best things about wine is that it often gets better with age. So, let’s say you have found a great deal on Sauvignon Blanc online but you have to buy a whole case. Do not worry, order white wine and keep it without being afraid that it will go bad.

When it comes to calories, a 150ml glass of white wine contains about 100 calories. Many people believe that wine is high in sugar because it is made of grapes. However, this is not true because the fermentation process during winemaking converts sugars into alcohol. So, the next time you are in doubt, forget beer and order white wine. It will certainly raise your spirits and you surely deserve it.



One of greatest life delights is enjoying an ice-cold beer any time of the year. The average 500ml serving of beer contains 200 calories and 13gr carbs which is higher than wine and spirits, and this the fool-proof recipe for the unwanted beer belly. Speaking of calories, light beers will save you upwards of 50 calories per serving and will cut the carbs in half. When compared to heavier beers such as stouts, ales and porters, lager and wheat beers have generally lower amounts of calories and carbs. Beers differ in colour, flavour and consistency but the good thing is that they all provide some nutritional benefits. However, if you want to take advantage of the health benefits without getting a beer belly, order white wine.