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Merlot vs. Shiraz Wine

When it comes to wines, especially red wines we all know that some of the best red wines are Merlot and Shiraz wine, especially when consumed in autumn and winter. Merlot and Shiraz are both dark wines that are made from dark grapes. Shiraz wine is a full bodied wine with amazing flavor, while Merlot is a medium bodied wine with medium flavor and is considered as best wine for beginner wine testers. However, few of us know the main difference between these two incredible red wines.

Merlot vs. Shiraz Wine

Merlot Wine –

Merlot wine is made from dark wine grapes and has delicate, fruity, gentle, feminine and velvet flavor. It leaves a hint of plum, berry and current in mouth. The Merlot grape variety mainly grows in Bordeaux region in France. However, it is also common in California, Italy, Australia, Chile and Romania. Merlot is a fleshy and soft grape, and is popular as it is usually blended with other grape varieties, especially with the ripening Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Merlot wine can be paired with any type of food. The softer and fruitier Merlot matches perfectly with mushrooms, salmon, radicchio and chard. The light bodied Merlot on the other hand, goes perfectly with shellfish, bacon and prosciutto. Merlot does not go well with strong cheeses such as blue cheese as they can overpower the fruit wine flavors.

Shiraz Wine

Shiraz wine is a type of red full bodied and powerfully flavored wine produced from dark grapes. It is more intense, hearty and dense than the Merlot wine. Generally, this type of wine is produced in Australia, California and the Rhone Valley in France. Shiraz grape is used mainly to blend with other types of grapes when it is very ripe. As we mentioned, Shiraz wine is full bodied and powerful wine, masculine, hearty, dense and very intense. Shiraz wine pairs perfectly with steaks, red meats, thick stews and wild game. In 2004, Merlot was the most popular world grown grape, while Shiraz grape was the 7th most widely grown grape.