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Green Tea Vs. Red Wine

We are all familiar with healthy benefits of drinking a glass of red wine daily and all the healing components of green tea. So many studies showed these two drinks to be very helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, losing weight, improving circulation and heart health, prevent wrinkles and many more. Due to the polyphenols antioxidants or EGCG and resveratrol which are found both in red wine and green tea, we have been bombarded daily with commercials and ads on how to boost our health just by consuming these two drinks. But, which one is better? Which one should be consumed more? Or maybe both should be drank regularly? Below are major benefits of each.

Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea

Green tea improves brain functions and will make you more alert. Due to the presence of caffeine, green tea will wake all your senses without making you nervous and restless (common symptoms of coffee). It also contains amino acid and L-theanine which work together with caffeine to improve brain function. Many studies have shown that people who consume green tea instead of coffee, have more energy and are more productive.

Green tea can help you lose weight and improve your physical performance. It boosts metabolism by gathering fat acid from fat tissues making them available to be used as fuel in various activities.
Green tea antioxidants lower the risks of cancer. It is well known that cancer is related to uncontrolled growth of cells. Antioxidants protect cells and green tea is great for reducing the risks of breast, prostate and colorectal cancer.

Green tea can lower the risks of Type 2 diabetes. This illness occurs because of high blood sugar levels and high resistance to insulin or inability to produce insulin. Many studies have shown that green tea can improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar levels and minimize the risks of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Benefits Of Red Wine

Red wine

Red wine

Red wine improves heart health. Red wine is loaded with antioxidants called polyphenols which protect blood vessels and help lower bad cholesterol.

Red wine improves brain functions. New studies have shown that moderate wine drinking (one glass a day) can greatly improve memory.

Red wine prevents cancer. Drinking a glass of red wine four times a week is enough to prevent uncontrollable growth of cells which is the main reason for cancer.

Red wine is perfect solution for those who want to loose weight. Resvertarol helps reduce fat cells, so, if you are on a diet feel free to treat yourself with a glass of red wine. Search for quality wine reds and buy wine online.

As you can see, both red wine and green tea are beneficial for our health. Depending on your taste, you can consume either one of these super healthy drinks or both. Start your mornings with a cup of freshly brewed green tea and end the stressful day with a cup of quality red wine. If you do not have the habit of drinking wine, now is the good time to start and boost your health. Browse online retailers as you can buy quality wine at more affordable price. However, always buy wine online from reputable sellers.