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Wardrobe Vs Closet: Bring Your Clothing and Footwear to Order

When furnishing a new bedroom or renovating an existing one, one of the primary concerns after finding yourself a nice cosy bed is where you’ll store all your precious clothing pieces and footwear. When faced with this decision, the best options you have are to include either a wardrobe or a closet. People usually use these terms interchangeably without really being aware of the huge difference between them. Here’s how both pieces can affect your bedroom and living style as well.

Wardrobe – A Flexible and Stylish Storage Solution

French Provincial Wardrobe

Without a doubt, a wardrobe can be more flexible than a closet, both functionally and aesthetically. Wardrobes are a smart combination of shelves, drawers and a hanging space and provide just the perfect amount of room for all coats, shirts, pants and other clothing items a person would normally need. You get function, without compromising on space. And if you like to infuse your bedroom with tasteful style influences like shabby chic or French Provincial wardrobes can give you the perfect opportunity to do so.

A wardrobe allows you to use the space in your bedroom however you choose, giving you the ability to rearrange the setting at a later date. Another great thing is that it can be easily dismantled and transported while moving. Certainly a clever investment for people whose job and lifestyle demands that they frequently switch places. Also, a wardrobe is a lot more affordable and easier to place than it is to purchase and install a large closet. And opposed to the closet, it does not make the room tighter and more suffocating.

Everywhere around the home, functionality and appearance should always go hand in hand. And a wardrobe can have the much needed decorative function in the bedroom. As a room with only few furniture pieces, a wardrobe is just the perfect size to serve as a focal point and convey the personal style you’d like to achieve. If you’d like to bring a dash of classic elegance and romance into your bedroom, there’s a wide range of Hampton or French Provincial wardrobes you can choose from. And for everyone into minimalism and modernity, you can explore the selection of simple but beautiful Scandinavian wardrobes.

Closet – A Separate Room for Clothes and Shoes

White Bedroom Closet

Opposed to the wardrobe, a closet cannot give decorative appeal to the bedroom, because on the outside it basically looks like a wall with sliding doors. But on the inside you get to have a completely separate room for your clothes, shoes, sport gear, and many other things. It’s a great solution for those of you who are shopaholics, giving you plenty of space to store the endless collection of the things you wear and the ones you don’t.

But in order to give you more storage space you can use, it takes a significant portion of the room, making it smaller. And with all the preparing of the walls, installing doors, hinges, latches and everything that goes into the building of a closet, you eventually end up spending three times more money than a really nice wardrobe would have cost you.

In the end, just think about the connotation both of these furniture pieces have in linguistics and literature. While in books wardrobes usually end up being the gateway to some magical world like Narnia for instance, in our day-to-day language we use closets not to store beautiful and useful things, but to hide our skeletons.