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Wallpaper Versus Wall Decals

Wall paper and wall decals are one of the easiest ways to change the look of your favourite room. They can instantly add colour, pattern, style or texture and totally transform the ambiance of any interior. Moreover, wall decals may be a viable option if you rent a home and want to add your personal touch to the place since some wall decals don’t damage walls when being removed.
Decorating with wallpapers and decals for walls is pretty easy and you don’t have to be an expert to achieve the look you want – both can be used in combination with already painted walls to add a nice visual accent to a room. Both are decorative and make a good choice, however, there are some pros and cons to both, which you should take into consideration when deciding between the two.

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  • Pros

While the idea of hanging wall paper may be intimidating for many, it is actually fairly easy, especially with the modern technologies applied to wallpapers today. Plus, it is an easy way of adding a lot of colour and design to a room; it can be used on only one or two walls or on all the walls within a room. It can even be used on just portions of a wall. Choosing a wall paper pattern does not require much consideration to the overall design of the wall, it is determined solely by the wallpaper pattern itself.

Heavy textured wallpaper can also be applied to disguise wall with imperfections.

  • Cons

To wallpaper an entire room with a high-quality wallpaper can be more expensive than simply painting a room and accessorizing with decals for walls. While many tend to consider wallpaper a fairly permanent option, modern wallpapers are certainly much easier to remove. Still, removing a wallpaper from a room (in case you change your mind later about the design) can be a fair amount of work.

Wall Decals

  • Pros

Due to the variety of styles, motifs and themes available, it is hard to imagine a room design that couldn’t be accentuated with decals for walls. When compared to wallpapers, wall decals usually cost less (since you generally do not need to cover the entire wall with them) and are easy to work with and apply. Due to their easy-to-work property, wall decals make a DIY option for those who simply want to add a splash of colour to their walls. They are usually easy to remove and there are even some wall decals that are designed so that they can be applied, removed, and re-applied multiple times.

  • Cons

While dealing with wall decals is easy and fun, it takes a bit of creativity to place them on the wall in a pleasing fashion. People with lack of artistic creativity can opt for large wall decal sheets that can be applied just as wallpapers, which are generally paper-based and not so easy to remove.