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The Different Types of Trailers: Enclosed vs Closed

The type of cargo and machinery you haul will often be the determining factor for the type of trailer you need. Whether you need machinery trailers for transporting lawn mowers, ATVs, cars, skid steer, cars, motorcycles or any other type of power equipment, you can rest assured you’ll find one that suits your specific needs and requirements. While all of these trailers are similar, others are specifically designed for carrying a specific type of equipment or machinery. Here are some of the most popular types of trailers and how they differ from one another in terms of design and features.

Machinery Trailers


Lawnmower Trailers

If you do landscape work for a living, you’re probably looking for a trailer suitable for garden tools such as a rideable lawnmower. Luckily, today you can find a variety of machinery trailers, including those specialised for landscape work. Lawnmowers have gotten bigger as time has gone by, so you’re going to need durable and sizeable landscape machinery trailers to do the job.

You can find both open and enclosed lawn mower trailers. If you’re on a limited budget, an open lawn mower trailer is the better option. Enclosed trailers, on the other hand, are better if price is not a problem, as they’re very secure and you can just load the lawnmower and call it a day. No matter whether you prefer an open or closed trailer, make sure you choose one that’s big enough to accommodate your lawn mower/s. You can choose custom-made lawn mower trailers that give you more choice in terms of space and features.

Lawn Mower Trailer


ATV Trailers

If you want to take your ATV for a ride in the outback, transporting it without an ATV trailer can be quite problematic. Luckily ATVs are built for rough riding, so they have fewer requirements for protection. Open trailers are ideal for ATV hauling, as they’re more affordable. Additionally, you don’t need wheel chocks as you would when hauling a motorcycle. The only thing you need to secure the ATV is tie-down straps. However, most people transport two or three ATVs at a time, as ATVing is the most fun when friends are involved.

The key factors for choosing ATV trailers are ease of loading and unloading. Most ATV trailers are either drive-on or drive-off. If the trailer you’re considering is neither, you might have to manually turn the ATV sideways if you want to haul more than one at a time.

Power Equipment Trailers

Unlike hauling ATVs, this isn’t something you do every once in a while – you’re hauling this equipment to work. For that reason, you need a trailer that’s durable and available at a reasonable price. The most important factors to consider when shopping power machinery trailers is the weight and size of the machinery or equipment you’re hauling. The towing capacity of the vehicle and the hitch also need to be considered.

One option to improve the towing capacity is getting a weight-distribution hitch, which disperses some of the weight from your truck onto the trailer. If you’re towing wider machinery, a deckover trailer can be the ideal choice. Open trailers are the recommended choice, as they’re less expensive and capable of withstanding heavier loads in tough conditions. Since power equipment and machinery are heavy, consider a tandem axle trailer.

Power Equipment Trailer


Car Trailers

People who need to haul their car need to pay a lot of attention to the trailer they’re considering. For most of them, their car is their pride and joy. No matter whether it’s a classic car, show car or track car, you want to make sure you haul it inside a reliable trailer. The size of the trailer will depend on the size of your car. Unlike all aforementioned trailers, car trailers are generally enclosed, as their full coverage protects the car from the elements and road debris. If you own a $50.000 car, chances are you won’t spare any expenses on your trailer. Open car trailers can also do the job quickly, but make sure you get one with an air dam or stone guard. You also might want to consider an open car trailer with tilting decks and ramps.

Car Trailer


Motorcycle Trailers

Motorcycles are slim and lightweight, so they aren’t as demanding as other types of cargo. Almost any trailer can be turned into a motorcycle trailer with just a few modifications. For that reason, choose a trailer that allows you to haul whatever else you may need to haul in the foreseeable future. Trailers used for transporting a motorcycle require wheel chocks that keep the front wheel straight and allow the bike to be tied down properly. E-track and d-rings are two popular solutions for tying down motorcycles. While enclosed trailers are preferred for obvious reasons, open motorcycle trailers with stone guards also offer enough protection for your motorcycle.