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Warehouse Storage Systems: Longspan Shelving vs. Pallet Racking

The warehouse environment is a complex one, especially when you take into account that it depends on proper storage and organisation to ensure it makes for safe and productive work. If you don’t take organisation seriously, things can easily get out of control which is why it’s necessary to carefully consider and purchase adequate storage solutions.
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Though there are various storage systems available at the stores, two of the most popular options regardless of what the warehouse specialises in are shelves heavy duty either as longspan shelving or pallet racking. Weighing in their pros and cons, you can determine which of the two is best suitable for your type of retail business.

Longspan Shelving

Also known as boltless shelving, this type of shelves is quick and easy to install, in addition to being simple to stack. Furthermore, it’s lightweight yet sturdy to safely hold all of your light to medium merchandise. As it’s made of sturdy materials like steel, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs.

Being highly adaptable, you might opt for mesh panels and particle boards too. Thanks to these incredible properties, it’s also very flexible in the sense that it allows you to easily move it from one place to another in your warehouse whenever you see fit without the fright you’d damage it in any way – or your goods for that matter.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from longspan shelves heavy duty designed that can hold up to 600kgs per shelf, or those that can hold up to 400kg and 300kg. Furthermore, you also have a say in the number of shelves, since apart from the standard you can choose to add more should you need them.

As they’re easily adjustable, you’re going to love them for the suitability for various applications. Much more compact and affordable than the pallet racking alternative, they’re perfect for warehouses that are on the smaller side or retailing businesses that don’t have the budget to afford the alternative.

In fact, they’re even perfect for residential use if you need organisation in the shed or garage. Having in mind most of the designs are made with pins and rivets instead of the typical bolts, you can easily modify them at any time in the future of your business. This makes them perfect for combined storage of different items over the years, regardless of their size and weight.

Pallet Racking

Considering it’s a very versatile option, it allows you to customise the layout as you see fit for your needs throughout your work since it’s easy for the store to create a unique pallet racking. They can turn it into a system of drive-in racks, pushback racks, selective racks, or carton flow racks. In other words, it’s very flexible so it’s not surprising it’s among the most common systems.

This ease of customising is very convenient, having in mind it provides you with the freedom to expand or reduce the system whenever you require. Moreover, the additional benefit is you don’t have to spend when your budget doesn’t allow you to – you spend only on what you need, when you need it. Besides being an affordable and cost-efficient solution, this type of industrial shelving is also very durable.
Pallet Racking

Being made from heavy-duty steel, you won’t have to worry about lift truck impacts or damages to your goods even after long use. Nor would you have to fret about warehouse health hazards with your staff in the likes of accidents.

If this wasn’t enough, pallet racking is just as great for productivity and efficiency which is essential when you want to ensure the future of your business. They enable you to make better use of the space you have, either by making use more of the vertical storage and freeing up floor space, or by increasing storage density. Besides this, you have the chance to welcome specific technologies as well to make the storage system “smart”.

Though traditional loading and unloading is carried out with forklifts, you may opt for automation because in the long run it significantly improves your merchandise organisation and replenishment by reducing manual labour. This is so given that all of the steps such as moving and storing merchandise, plus retrieving and shipping, are carried out automatically.

Now, despite all of these advantages, there’s a drawback to this option when compared with the longspan shelves heavy-duty counterpart – that of not being suitable for storage of smaller parts, items and archives. If not for using wood across two beams on a level for an improvised shelf, you’d only be able to store goods as pallets.

Third Option

And what happens if you still can’t make up your mind between these two? There’s a third alternative you might consider – the stillage. As the stackable cage storage design it is, similar to pallet racking, it’s great for improving the safety of the warehouse (even at high weight loads), while also saving up space.