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Mobile Crane Vs. Tower Crane

It is hard to deny the obvious advantage mobile cranes have over tower cranes – mobility. A mobile crane is able to move and transport heavy loads from site to site, while a tower crane is fixed to the ground. But, customers look for much more in a crane than just the ability to move free from one location to another. A crane should be able to fit into small places, have great lifting capacity, short set up time and other features that influence and boost the performance.

Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane

It’s true that all mobile cranes are able to lift and carry materials from site to site, but let’s not diminish the fact that tower cranes exchange mobility for the ability to lift and carry even heavier loads. Both these types of cranes are powerful enough to get certain tasks done, you just need to pick the one that suits your requirements. Tower cranes are ideal for heavy construction tasks, but mobile cranes are versatile and can be used for many various applications. Read on to learn some of the advantages mobile cranes have over tower cranes.

Space – Construction sites are not as spacious as they were in the past. Today, contractors need to fit the crane in tight and urban areas. If space plays a great role in your job, then you should definitely opt for a mobile crane. They take just a fraction of the space tower cranes need.

Set Up Time – Do you know how much steps are involved in setting up a tower crane? Definitely, more than with mobile crane. If you are looking for a powerful machine that sets up quickly, then go with a mobile crane. In short time you will secure and hoist the boom and get it running. Compared to mobile cranes, tower cranes require much more time for preparing and setting all parts. With a mobile crane you can start the project quicker and get the job done faster.

Tower Crane

Tower Crane

Quick Fix – If you are limited with time then a mobile crane is a better choice, since you can get it fixed pretty quick. If you need the crane just for a day, then it’s easier and a better option to fix the mobile crane, then set up the heavy tower crane.

Strong And Durable – Don’t let size fool you. Mobile cranes are smaller, but these machines are able to lift and carry as much weight as tower cranes can. Thanks to the advanced technology, you can add various attachments to increase the lifting and reaching capacity of the mobile crane.



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