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Birthday Gift Basket vs Money

Birthday is an important day for everyone. It’s the day when we mark another successful year; the day when we rejoice the anniversary of our birth with our closest family members and friends. This is the day filled with smiles, fun, sweets and gifts. But, when it comes to choosing a birthday gift for someone else, it can often be really difficult. Maybe because we have already given so many different presents to the birthday celebrant or we’re simply out of any unique birthday gift ideas. Despite this, you can never go wrong with these two traditional gifts – money and birthday gift hampers.


Regardless of the age, gourmet birthday hampers are unique and appropriate gifts for everyone. Nowadays, you can find many different birthday baskets on-line or even better, you can create your own personalized birthday gift basket. These birthday baskets can include anything you like, from cheese, nuts, chocolate, sweets and snacks to exquisite wines, sets of glasses, whiskey and many other drinks. You can always add a special touch to a gift basket with a beautiful soft ribbon and a nice birthday card with personalized message. This will add style and elegance to the gift.

On the other hand, money is another convenient and always appropriate gift you can give someone on her/his birthday. Giving money as a birthday gift is the best thing you can do since it gives the recipient freedom to spend the money for whatever he/she might need it for. However, money is not to be given to just anybody. Usually, it is most appropriate gift for closest family members and friends. You should not gift money to a not so close friend because a person may feel obligated to return the same way.

As we can see from the review, both suggested gifts are beautiful and most common birthday present. However, it seems that money has slight lead over hampers. Probably because of the convenient and the fact that money helps you avoid the embarrassment of a recipient not liking the present. But if you think money is not appropriate gift, you can always surprise your friend or family member with incredible gourmet birthday gift hamper.