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Heavy Machinery Showdown: Front Loaders Vs. Backhoe Loaders – Part 2

front loader vs backhoe


Continuing from – Part 1

Backhoe Loader

The backhoe loader or shortly known as a backhoe, is another useful piece of construction machinery that can be found at construction sites. It is similar to front loader because a backhoe loader is also a tractor-type machine that has a metal bucket in the front end. But, the backhoe loader is equipped with additional tool on the back, a small backhoe. Generally, backhoes are used for digging holes and to move different materials around the construction site. These machines can dig a hole up to 7 meters in depth or deeper. Loading and unloading large piles of dirt into dump trucks is another task that can be completed with backhoes. They are also a common piece of equipment on farms, but are mostly used by construction and building companies.

The metal bucket at the front end and a backhoe in the back can be replaced with other construction attachments, depending on the application. Because of this backhoe loaders can be used for different types of tasks like: construction, small and big demolitions, transportation of different building or raw materials, digging holes, small excavation jobs, landscaping, asphalt braking, paving rads, etc. A breaker, grapple, auger, stump grinder and many other attachments can be used for completing different kinds of construction jobs and tasks. Greater articulation of the attachments is achieved with another tool, known as the tiltrotator. A backhoe loader is equipped with a tool coupler so different implements can be attached. Most backhoes use outriggers or stabilizers at the rear end when digging.

Thanks to their small frame and precise control, backhoe loaders are very useful machines in various engineering and construction projects, and are very commonly used in areas where large construction equipment cannot be used. The versatility and compact size make the backhoe loader to be one very popular piece of heavy construction machinery. Manufacturers like Caterpillar, John Deere, Hitachi, JCB, Mahindra, Komatsu New Holland and many others, offer wide range of backhoes. Check online for the best backhoes for sale Australia has produced.

And let’s conclude. It is not an easy task to determine which construction machine, loader or a backhoe, wins the battle since both are very useful and common pieces of heavy machinery. However, if we consider all the features, backhoe loader would have to be crown as the ultimate construction machine thanks to its versatility, compact size and greater application.