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Reasons to Install a Stainless Steel Exhaust on Your Commodore VE

Mild steel exhausts may be the most convenient aftermarket upgrade on the market but they are definitely not the most cost-effective one. Not to bash them for their lack of durability but they certainly can’t compete with stainless steel exhausts. If you’re a proud owner of a Commodore VE and are looking for a way to unleash your engine’s full potential, installing a brand new VE ss exhaust is the way to go. Here are some of the advantages you will get from installing a stainless exhaust system.



Chances are, the durability of stainless steel as a material will outlive the lifespan of your vehicle, which makes this type of exhaust more of a long-term investment rather than an aftermarket accessory. Unlike carbon or the mild steel exhaust I just mentioned, a VE ss exhaust won’t need a lot of repairs even if you use it to its full potential. Some of you may think that a stainless steel exhaust is just not worth the price but because of that they come with a warranty and in case something happens, which is rare, you are covered.

No Corrosion

What makes a Commodore VE ss exhaust less prone to frequent repairs is the coating that makes stainless steel exhausts stainless. Although they are made of absolute steel, there is a percentage of nickel and chrome that makes them corrosion-resistant. Even if it gets scratched, dirt and moisture still can’t get to it, which is not the case with other less expensive options. Re-coating or painting of the tubing won’t be needed with a VE ss exhaust.


Better Performance

A longer lifespan and a corrosion resistant coating are not the only things that make a stainless steel exhaust the perfect fit for your vehicle. Performance wise you can expect a big improvement as a stainless steel exhaust will only overheat in extreme cases as the material cools down the gasses that usually cause the heating up.

Restore Its Shine

Constantly heating up and cooling down an exhaust has its consequences and the more you use it – the higher the chances that your exhaust will begin to change colour. This has nothing to do with the quality as it is a process that happens naturally. Now, this happens with every exhaust system, but not every type can retrieve its initial shine. To get the initial shine of your stainless steel exhaust, just use a stainless steel polish and a piece of soft cloth to wipe it.