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2WD vs 4WD

2wd vs 4wd

Car dealers and automotive ”junkies” have an ongoing topic on which they like to argue from time to time. This great debate concerns the wheel drive system of cars and SUVs and which one is better – 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. Although slightly different, these two systems offer a separate driving experience and maintenance requirements. Even the log book service is conducted in a different way. In order to make a good comparison article, we will describe what it means to have a 2WD and 4WD vehicle.

Two-wheel drive systems are more popular in the auto production business overall. This is not by accident, as two wheel drive vehicles offer several benefits for manufacturers and customers. The engine can be set up either on front or back, each type with its downsides and advantages. Usually, engines manufacturers tend to produce cars with front 2 wheel drive systems because this way drive wheels are much closer to the engine providing maximum power efficiency. Moreover, in comparison with rear drive wheel system, costs for production are lower due to the fact that lower number of parts are needed and interior space is maximized. Less parts means lower production costs, hence car manufacturers are free to offer front wheel drive cars at lower prices.

Rear wheel drive vehicle, however have a significant advantage that can make them better over their counterparts for off roads and slippery surfaces. Having a system where rear wheels are driven allows cars to be more practical for muddy roads where front wheel systems fail due to weight shifting to the rear end. In addition, this makes the front wheels struggle for grip. Nevertheless, these vehicle cost more and demand expensive vehicle inspections Melbourne mechanics are aware of this fact and usually skip training for rear wheel car maintenance.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are commonly regarded as off-road vehicles that have a simple or complex selectable 4 wheel drive system. This means that you can manually set whether you will drive your vehicle on 2 or 4 wheels. Recent technology developments have expanded simplicity on this issue, creating an automatic system that detects which wheels should be given driving preference in certain conditions. Because 4-wheel drive vehicles cover a small part of the automotive market, their maintenance and log book service is more expensive and some parts are hard to find. But this shouldn’t concern you much, as all manufacturers have their own skilled car mechanics Melbourne dealerships also have specialized staff that are trained to repair 4 wheel driven SUVs and cars.