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Open Server Rack Vs. Server Cabinet


Looking to buy server rack or a server cabinet, but can’t decide which model is the best? To make that decision easier, we have listed few benefits of both. These models are ideal for storing multiple devices like: routers, modems, switches, servers, hubs and other IT equipment necessary for your home or office. Beside looking for space saving server rack or server cabinet, look for devices that will protect and prolong the life span of the network. What you need to consider is the cooling, network security and space management capabilities of a specific model.

Server Cabinets

  • Security – What makes a server cabinet better choice than an open server rack, is the fact that it offers better protection and security for the devices stored. Due to the front and rear doors and side panels, the server cabinet models can be locked protecting your IT equipment from unwanted situations.
  • Greater Cooling Flexibility -If you want to prolong the life span of your expensive equipment, then the server cabinet is the device you need to purchase. Server cabinets include various cooling options to help prevent overheating.
  • Equipment Protection -If you need to store your equipment in a place that is well protected against water, dust or other debris, then the server cabinet is ideal option. The fact that it is closed from all sides, the server cabinet protects the equipment and prevents equipment damage.

Open Server Racks

  • Cost Saving – Open server rack is a cheaper way to store and organize your electronic equipment. If you are looking for the most economical option to conserve space and organize the network devices, then open server rack is the best option.
  • Easy Maintenance – Since open frame server rack models don’t have walls, it is easier to swap cables or pull out a mounted server without taking out the server hardware already installed in the rack. Due to that, it is easier to maintain and access the equipment.
  • Easy Installation – Another thing that makes the open frame server rack a preferred option, is the fact that it makes it easier to install devices without removing the hardware. Additionally, when compared with an enclosed server cabinet, the open frame server rack makes the mounting process easier, eliminating the need to remove the panels or other important parts like the hardware itself.
  • Easy Organization – If you aim for easy organization, then select open frame server rack. With so many cables between installed equipment, the server rack is the right choice. A closed server cabinet obstructs cables and makes it harder to organize them. On the other hand, with the open server rack models, you are able to easily access the equipment and to organize it.