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Modified Sine Wave vs. Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Modified Sine Wave

Inverters are devices that change the direct current, shortly known as DC, into conventional alternating current or AC. With an inverter, the home-owners can run various devices, including PCs, TVs, lights, kitchen appliances and other kinds of electric energy consumers. But when people look to buy an inverter powered by AC or another DC source, they often get confused whether to buy a pure sine wave inverter or a modified sinewave. These two types of inverters provide many options. For a clearer idea what’s the difference between the pure and the modified sinewave inverter, here is a quick comparison.

Modified Sinewave Inverter – The modified sinewave inverter is named after its output waveform and is a less expensive option than the pure sine wave inverter. With few filters, the modified sinewave inverter rounds the corners of a square wave. The appliances that run on a modified sinewave can use more power for a longer time, as this type of inverter provides higher peak outputs. Many appliances today are specifically designed with ability to deal with such amounts of power and overheat.

When compared with the pure sine wave inverter, the modified sinewave inverter does not require additional components and is a less expensive solution. Also, it uses the DC power more efficiently, and the battery has a longer life. The only disadvantage of the modified sinewave inverter is that it creates harmonic distortion to the audio and inductive equipment. However, the modified sinewave inverter is ideal for heat-element devices and devices with an external adapter.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter – The pure sine wave inverter is a more expensive option that comes with many components. The name of the pure sine wave inverter comes from the wave form of its output, just like the modified sinewave inverter. However, the complicated appliances which are used these days are not suitable for the modified sinewave inverters. This means that the pure sine wave inverters are the safest choice. The pure sine wave inverters are suitable for all applications and all types of appliances.

Appliances powered by pure sine wave inverters supposedly have a longer lifetime and work more quietly. They are perfect for household appliances. Because of their sophisticated and complicated design, the pure sine wave inverters are significantly more expensive than the modified sinewave inverters.