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Motorhome Vehicles Or Camp Trailers: Which Is Better?

Since the first models of motorhomes and travel trailers introduced in the early 20th century, adventurers are involved in an everlasting debate – which one is better. The correct answer depends on many different factors. Some owners of recreational vehicles want to drive their homes while others prefer towing. This is just like when car enthusiasts argue about engine performances and car designs, only with recreational vehicles. To find out which suits you better, let’s consider all the advantages and disadvantages of both motorhome and a camp trailer.


How often will you use it and how many people will come along with you?

This might be the most important factor to consider, when it comes to choosing between a motorhome or a camp trailer. A Class A motorhome with all the must-have features can cost over $100,000, while smaller Class B or Class C motorhomes come with lower prices tags. Class B and C motorhomes are indeed less expensive, but they are not reliable for adventurers who travel a lot on a yearly basis. But if you go out only a few times in a year, these are perfect.

For regular traveling over long distances, you must have a motorhome with all essential accessories to make your journeys more comfortable and pleasant, especially if you are taking your family with you. When it comes to space, you should know that Class A and Class C units have more space than Class B units, which are more suitable for couples. Just as motorhomes, camp trailers come in different sizes and can also accommodate large groups of people. The pop-up camp trailer is the most popular one and it is able to accommodate up to six individuals. The advantage of travel trailers is their very low price starting at $5,000, making them the obvious choice for short or occasional travels.



Do you own a towing vehicle?

Buying a travel trailer is only possible if you already have a vehicle that you can use to tow the trailer. Indeed, travel trailers are lightweight, but they have a sturdy construction and some larger models might be needing a lot of horsepower to get the wheels rolling. The fifth-wheel camp trailer requires more horsepower, as well as greater load carrying ability as some of the trailer weight rests in the truck bed.

On the other hand, motorhomes are self-propelled units and do not depend on whether you have a towing vehicle or not. Before you start looking for a RV unit, make sure you have a towing vehicle strong enough to pull a camp trailer, otherwise you need to buy one. If you need to buy a towing vehicle and a camp trailer, then a better option is a motorhome.

When it comes to cost…

There are too many costs you need to consider when deciding either a camp trailer or motorhome and it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend. First, the purchase price. Motorhomes can cost as much as a house, while the camp trailer is a really affordable camping option. Other costs include maintenance, insurance, depreciation and campground fees. The advantage on almost all costs is on the side of a camp trailer. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the costs.