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Fire Pit vs. Outdoor Fireplace – Outdoor Features Comparison

Is there anything better than sipping your wine and enjoying a beautiful garden? Add a nice romantic novel and a cheese platter, and you’ve got a winning combination. Of course, for an enjoyable experience what you need beside a quality wine is a beautiful garden. A beautiful garden, equipped with quality outdoor furniture, water and lighting outdoor features can add value and good appeal to your house. Also, quality outdoor space ensures great entertaining and relaxing moments.


Spending nights in your garden is great, but even in summers the temperatures can go down, sometimes inasmuch as to compromise your comfort. But buying blankets to have on hand for your next party or family get-together is not a solution. You need something that will offer benefits in the long-run. Fire pit and an outdoor fireplace are the two outdoor features that are far more convenient solutions for the cold nights in spring, summer or autumn.

The fire pit and an outdoor fireplace are popular outdoor features and both can make a great focal point in your garden, that provides warmth and light, while creating a beautiful romantic atmosphere. But, you must decide which one of these two fire outdoor features will work best for your garden.

Deciding on whether to go with a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can be confusing and even intimidating. But we’ve got you covered. Below is a comparison of these two outdoor features and hopefully our guide will help you overcome the dilemma.

Fire Pit


  • Bigger number (ten to twelve) of people can entertain around it;
  • A better option if you want to incorporate a built-in seating;
  • Costs less than the outdoor fireplace;
  • Provides better vision in the outdoor space;
  • No need for special permit.


  • Cannot block the wind;
  • Less privacy;
  • Can ‘get lost’ in a big garden.

Outdoor Fireplace


  • Blocks the wind passage;
  • Provides better privacy;
  • Gives an exceptional appeal and adds value to the outdoor space.


  • Limited entertaining places – around five to six people at a time;
  • Imposes the need for outdoor furniture (you will need chairs, couches, tables);
  • Its bigger structure blocks the vision inside the garden;
  • Costs much more than the fire pit;
  • You need to have a special permit.

In conclusion, both types of fire outdoor features have own pros and cons. Which feature you will choose depends solely on your preferences, size of your outdoor space and of course, your budget.