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Enclosed Vs. Open Car Carrier Trailer

Car Carrier Trailer

For transportation of cars and other motor vehicles, the transport companies use special trailers. These trailers are known as car carrier trailers and can be seen on the roads all over Australia. Every year, a large number of Australians move from one to another country and decide to transport their cars by using car carrier trailer services. This transportation method is far more convenient and cost-efficient than transporting your car by yourself.

There are two types of car carrier trailers: enclosed and open trailers, but most people cannot recognize the differences between the two types, and experience difficulties in choosing the right car carrier trailer for sale. If you are not prepared to drive thousands of kilometers with your car, hiring (or buying) a car carrier trailer may be your best option. The only thing you need to consider before buying or hiring a trailer is whether an enclosed or open car carrier trailer. Bellow we present you the pros and cons of both options so you can easily figure out which car carrier trailer for sale is best for you:

Enclosed Car Carrier Trailer – Buying an enclosed car carrier trailer for sale is recommended for owners of classic, sports, luxury and other expensive cars. Although it is a more expensive option, transporting your car with enclosed car carrier trailer gives you more advantages than the open car carrier trailer. The enclosed or covered car carrier trailer protects the car from bad road and weather conditions, but this comes at a certain price. Since the trailer has less space for storing more cars, the transportation price for a single car is significantly higher when compared with the price of the open car carrier trailer.

Open Car Carrier Trailer – These trailers are far more popular than the enclosed trailers. As a result, they are more used and can be often seen on the roads all over Australia. The open carrier trailers can transport all types of vehicles, and the transportation process is faster and more efficient, since the open trailers are capable to accommodate from 8 to 10 cars. The open car carrier trailers are known as a standard method of shipping cars in Australia, because they are less expensive. The high demand for open car carrier trailer for sale lowers the shipping and service costs. However, you should be aware that the open car carrier trailers expose your car to all kinds of outer elements, such as bad weather conditions.