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Looking the Part vs Not: Why You Need to Dress Properly for Horse Riding

Are you planning to take on horse riding lessons and wonder whether it’s really necessary to invest in special horse riding apparel? After all, the lessons themselves are very expensive and purchasing a horse can cost many thousands of dollars. Add to that the costs of feeding and caring for the animal and spending additional money on apparel for riding can be something you hesitate doing.

However, not dressing the part for horse riding can cost even more than just money. It can cost you your health and safety. After all, proper horse riding attire is crucial for avoiding falls and other accidents. And let’s be honest, wearing it can make you look classy as hell. With that being said, here are the most important equestrian clothes and accessories and the reasons you need them.

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Horses are tall and majestic animals, so if you happen to fall from one, the risk of seriously injuring your head is very high. So, the first piece of equestrian accessory you need to buy is a riding helmet. And no, a cycling helmet or any other helmet which isn’t designed for horse riding won’t do! It’s very important to pick a VG1 approved helmet with a dial-up rear ratchet system and a safety harness that guarantee a secure fit.


Besides the helmet, riding boots are another crucial equestrian accessory. Proper riding boots can prevent your feet from slipping off from the stirrups and have a heel that provides you with support and stability. As a result, they can help you perform better and stay safe. They can come in different styles ranging from gumboots, ideal for riding around a muddy terrain, to shorter Paddock boots for spring and summer time. And for your own safety, make sure to avoid boots that have any details such as chains, zips and other decorative stuff which can get lodged in the stirrup in the case of a fall.

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When it comes to clothes, the best tip is to choose tight but stretchy pieces. These types of clothes are less likely to catch or get tangled in your horse tack. And the added stretch is important if you want to stay comfortable riding, prevent chaffing and avoid embarrassing situations such as your pants ripping as you get on the horse. Additionally, make sure to choose clothes that are appropriate to the weather and conditions you’ll be riding in.


And finally, it’s also recommended to wear gloves, even in hot weather. Gloves can provide you with good grip as you hold on the reins. And this is very important considering how the reins are your main connection to the horse. If you are to lose that connection, you automatically lose control over the animal. So, make sure to choose quality gloves designed for horse riding with rubberized non-slip surface on the palms.