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Digital Cameras are Still On-the-Go Why Smartphones Cannot Steal the Show

Smartphones, smartphones are everywhere! It is not a secret that people take more photos with their camera phones than their digital cameras these days. People taking funny pictures and videos, selfies with duck faces and even some (usually models) make money out of these pictures on Instagram or Twitter (Kim Kardashian yo). When the big phone companies like Apple and Samsung introduce a new phone, they present the new camera with a lot of energy and excitement like it is the ultimate revolutionary technology. They fight each other, but at the end the digital camera is the winner!


Smartphones may offer good picture quality, but in fact, they are light years behind! If you are parent, athlete, photographer enthusiast, nature photographer, blogger or hobbyists then you are at the right place at the right time, but even if you are a smartphone lover this article might change your mind! You may think that smartphones can give you the best quality pictures, but nothing can replace the pixel quality and the colourful beauty of a digital camera. When you search for online camera store Australia retailers are always there to offer you good quality for the most reliable prices.


The digital camera can capture the most precious moments such as your wedding, your kid’s first birthday and maybe if you are lucky enough the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents with high precision and quality. The interesting history of the digital camera has always attracted enthusiast photographers as the right device for the aforementioned special moments.

Some of you may say: But I do not need a digital camera – my smartphone can take good enough pictures! However, there is enough evidence that the digital camera is still and will remain well in the future one step ahead! Although the smartphone camera and the technology behind it is improving greatly, the supreme facts of digital camera can beat smartphone camera any day of the week:

  • Superior picture and video quality
  • Little to no blur
  • Better zoom, wide angle and more close up options
  • Better flash capabilities
  • Larger storage capacity


That being said, here are the most widely used types of digital cameras:

  • Digital SLRs is a single lens reflective camera that is equipped with interchangeable lenses which are one of the most advanced largest camera that market has to offer. Because of their size, the are quite expensive.
  • Hybrid Cameras also known as Interchangeable Lens Camera are very compact cameras that have the ability to change lenses and try a different perspective at any given time.
  • Point and Shoot are small and easy to use digital cameras. They are the most common type and you can find a lot of different brands on the market.
  • Super Zoom Cameras can zoom thirty times more than the normal digital cameras. They are usually a used by sports photographers to capture those breathtaking moments – when there is a new world record or a beautiful goal scored in football.

Whether you are a professional or just an amateur photographer, a digital camera is your best choice. There are a lot of brands out there, but finding online camera store Australia is a piece of cake. From different accessories up to complex lenses, making a smart choice is easier than ever and for the sake of the argument some people still like to make – the crown that digital cameras wear is hard to break!