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Dental Veneer vs. Crown

When you look at Angelina Jolie’s face, the first thing you notice is her unbelievably white smile with teeth arranged perfectly like they were drawn by Picasso. Who doesn’t want a smile like that? While some actually are blessed with genes for perfect teeth, some of us need to undergo some aesthetic procedures in order to get the pearly whites we all desire so much. And among the most popular of these procedures are dental veneer instalment and crowns. However, both procedures deliver different results although they’re used for the same purpose.


Both dental veneer and crown procedures are aesthetic procedures; they serve a beautifying goal.

However, the specifics are different for both options:

  • If you want to improve the shape and the colour of your teeth, you’d go with veneers. In this case you can also alleviate crowding and excess space issues. Veneers are generally thin, almost like fingernail and can be customized according to the needs of the individual patient.
  • If you have no tooth material and no structure due to severe tooth decay or because of a tooth canal therapy you’ve undergone, than crowns are the way to go. Crowns are the less attractive option, since they’re used only when veneers simply can’t repair the damage being done. They still achieve the aesthetic effect though.


The Importance of Keeping the Natural Teeth Structure

Truth be told, when you decide to undergo an aesthetic procedure like this, you are actually consciously giving up a piece of your natural teeth; some degree of reduction on your natural teeth has to happen. If your teeth are straight healthy then veneers are more suitable since they don’t require a lot of teeth reduction in order to be placed. Crowns on the other hand, are placed on teeth that require more significant preparation and have history of previous work being done on them.

The Difficulty of Proper Placement

The procedure of aesthetically beautifying your teeth takes some effort, time and a little pain tolerance. Veneer placement is considered to be more difficult than crown instalment because preparing teeth for veneers is generally easier. Preparing the teeth for this procedure requires quite the attention when matching the colour of your natural teeth with the veneers. Because of all this, some dentists have to charge more for veneers than for crowns. However, with experience and repetition this procedure can be made a lot easier.