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Hair straightening vs hair curling

Hair straightening

Women with curly hair long for smooth, shiny and straight hair, while women with straight hair long for those lively curls. If you are one of those women with curly hair, love your hair! According to some statistics, men prefer women with curly hair over the ones with straight hair, because they perceive curls as more feminine and sexy. Fortunately, nowadays every woman can have both, curly or straight hair.

Curly hair is more prone to dryness because hair is not lying flat, it loses its moisture and is less protected from damage. In order for curly hair to be softy and shiny, it needs good and deep moisture treatments like washing it with hydrating shampoos and conditioners, putting home-made olive oil hair mask, or treated with coconut oil, eggs, honey etc. To define your curls even more use foam, various styling creams or other tools recommended curling straight hair like rollers, curly iron and flat irons.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, nowadays you can have either curly and straight hair. You can easily and quickly straighten you curly hair with flat iron. But make sure your hair is clean, combed and completely dry. Before straightening apply some spray or cream to minimize heat damage. The same rule applies for women with straight hair. If you want to curl your hair, first washed it and then curl it with curling iron, rollers, by twisting it with wand or with flat iron. In both cases, either hair straightening or hair curling, hair is subjected to heat damage, so you must apply some protecting cream or spray beforehand. Aside from your own hair, you can also curl or straighten human hair extensions, if you use them.

Aside from these temporary ways to either curl or straighten your hair, there are permanent methods as well. These procedures cannot be done at home, so you’ll have to go to your hair salon or any reputable hair salon Melbourne, for permanent hair curling or hair straightening Melbourne.

Note, these methods are longer-lasting and a bit more expensive than in-home treatments. However, if you feel like splurging and/or do not own any hair straightening or curling tool, go ahead and visit your hair salon in Melbourne and enjoy your new look.