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Custom Made Vs. Pre – Made Roller Blinds

If you’re after a window covering that is beautiful in its simplicity, roller blinds are your saviours. They are usually made of thick material such as bamboo, fiberglass sheet, burlap fabric or multi layered plastic. Usually fitted to the top, they cover the whole window when let down and that makes them very practical, especially for small house or office windows. Depending on the roller blinds you choose, you can combine them with curtains and give a richer aspect to your room. Quality roller blinds will keep your home safe from the sun’s harmful HV lights and your furniture will be thanking you for that in the long run.custom made roller blinds

Today’s manufacturers are making our lives easier with giving us the possibility to choose between pre-made and custom made roller blinds. Although there are many designs, colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, you can still personalize your windows even more if you choose custom made blinds. They will shape up your window perfectly just like your favourite clothes are properly fitting your personality. You can choose the design that will go with your furniture, a preferred material and you can make them long, short or medium.

However, it’s a known fact that pre-made roller blinds are way cheaper than the custom made ones, but keep in mind that if you have an accident with your pre-made blinds, it will be harder to find the needed parts in order to fix them. Even though many of the pre – made blinds are made in Australia, a lot of them are made oversees, so tracking that broken part will be almost impossible. If you go with a custom made option, they will be made in Australia and if something goes wrong it will be way easier to find a replacement or a broken part. Also the installation of the custom made blinds will be super easy. And you know why? Because you won’t have to do anything! When paying for your custom made blinds you’re also paying for a professional to come and make that job for you and you won’t find that option in pre-made blinds. With them it’s all about the DIY approach, so one little mistake can cost you time, money and a lot of nerves.

You should also know that custom made roller blinds’ diversity is limitless. You can choose floral pattern, polka dot or whichever design you want and turn it into a roller blind. They will be pretty, trendy and will sparkle a conversation with your guests. In addition, you can also make your roller blinds safe if you have children around. The child safety cleat will normally be supplied for you free of charge with every custom made blind you buy. This perk can be found in pre – made blinds as well, however not in all of them. So if you’ve decided to buy a pre-made roller blind and have a child at home, don’t forget to read if they provide a child safety mode.

When it comes to our homes we really want them to look pretty. We want them to exhale inspiration, comfort and warmness, because at the end of the day our home is our sanctuary. And the best thing about it is that it feels good to leave, but it feels even better to come back, so give it the intimate touch it deservers and enjoy.