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Cotton vs. Bamboo: Which is Better When it Comes to Bed Sheets?

An average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping, be it snoozing or deep sleep – it still counts. It is understandable that we all strive to spend that astonishing amount of time in comfort. Besides making sure that you have the right mattress and pillow, what comes next is making sure that you have proper bed sheet set. After all, that is the first thing you feel once you lay down. But what is the most suitable type of material for this piece of the sleeping comfort puzzle? The answer almost always leads to either bamboo or cotton. So, let’s break it down.


Why These Two Exactly?

Cotton made sheet sets were the leader of the industry for quite some time. They have smooth texture, are affordable and durable as well. They also comes with a few options that use cotton as a blend. Whereas all that is true, lately bamboo has made a boom in almost every aspect, including the bed sheets market.

A Few Words About Bamboo

A high-quality bamboo bed sheet set can be the softest thing that even touched your skin. This comes as a result of the natural bamboo fibres and the finely woven threads that make up the material of the bamboo sheet. This type of sheets is especially recommended for people with skin sensitivities and ailments. You just need to pay attention to maintenance and you will feel all those benefits for a long time.

Except for being good to those with skin sensitivities, bamboo made sheets are additionally appealing to environmentally conscious people. Due to the fact these natural fibres are derived from a plant that can thrive almost anywhere and uses less water to grow (when compared to cotton), a bamboo bed sheet set would definitely be a great choice for those concerned about their carbon footprint on the planet.

Another group of people who are likely to enjoy bamboo bed sheets more than cotton made ones are those who suffer from heated night sweats. The reason for this is that bamboo is breathable and will keep you drier. These sheets absorb moisture almost immediately and evaporate it back into the air. Otherwise, if you find yourself sleeping in damp fabric, your skin can become irritated and that can set off various skin related issues.

A Few Words About Cotton

As mentioned above, there are multiple variations of cotton sheets – ones that have low thread count and tend to pill, and luxurious cotton options that sport stronger, yet softer fabric. The sheets that are made with pure cotton are soft on touch and have hypoallergenic qualities. Moreover, cotton has proven to be very long-lasting. However, when cotton is mixed with other materials (like polyester) it is not as durable and after a few washes, it may start wearing out.

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, there are types of organic cotton sheets that strive to achieve the same as bamboo made ones. The process isn’t quite perfect though. This is because the methods of reducing pests are limited to composted manures, plus they are time-consuming and it results in more crop waste when compared to bamboo (naturally resistant to insects).