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Choosing Between E Cig Atomizer vs. Clearomizer

Smoking is bad, period. Everyone knows it, but smokers cannot or rather, do not want to admit it. But let’s put it this way – rather than you smoking a cigarette, it actually smokes you and drains life out of you? If you haven’t tried one, be smart and do not start. But if you are already addicted to the deadly habit of smoking, do not worry, there is a way to get out of it. Fight this deadly addiction with the help of electronic cigarettes.


They are electronic devices that simulate the sensation of smoking. However, electronic cigarettes do not expose smokers or people around them to the cancer-causing agents and other harmful chemicals which can be found in regular tobacco cigarettes. These devices are a great innovation which has helped thousands of people to fight their nicotine addiction and to eventually lose it. They satisfy the needs of vapers, thus it is of utmost importance for anyone who uses them to have a clear understanding of how an e cig atomizer and e cig clearomizer work, before choosing one.

The basic difference between these two is that the e cig clearomzer is ideal for vaping on a particular e-liquid throughout the day while the e cig atomizer helps in trying out different juices. The atomizer needs only a few drops and it eliminates the need of filling up an entire tank with a single type of juice.

E Cig Atomizer

There are different designs of atomizers, but generally, they all consist of a small heating coil and a wick that soaks up the e-liquid and channels it into a coil. The coil is a short piece of resistance wire that is wrapped or coiled around the small wick. The atomizer is connected to the positive and negative poles of the APV battery, which the coil uses to create the vapor after the e-liquid from the wicker reaches it. There is a mesh cover on top of the wick which regulates the amount of e-liquid that reaches the wick and then the coil. The e cig atomizer has a small capacity and it is best for people who prefer dripping.


E Cig Clearomizer

Clearomizers are among the newest and most popular electronic devices on the market today. They have a tank which holds the e-liquid and feeds the wick leading into the head of the atomizer. They do not have any poly fill material inside their tank and this makes it easier to get the clean, natural flavours of the e-liquid. It also minimizes the chances of getting a burnt flavour when the e-liquid runs low.

Clearomizers are easy to refill and have a larger capacity than atomizers and some of them can hold up to 6.0 ml of electronic juice. They are perfect for people who want to fill their e-cigarette tank and forget about it. Most e cig clearomizers come with replaceable atomizer heads which can greatly extend their life. These replaceable atomizer heads are very affordable and make clearomizers a cost-effective way to vape. They enable you to take out the old atomizer head and put in a new one which makes the clearomizer as good as a new.