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Work From Home Vs Companies

Nowadays, many seem to be in tune with the modern trend of working from home. When convenience and time efficiency are our guidelines for almost everything, we have come to believe that working from home is simply an alternative to spending 8-plus hours at an office desk. Is it really? Are we as productive in home environment as we are in an office? Opinions are divided. Some say working from home is a perfect getaway from meetings, ringing phones and office chatter. Working from home means no distractions. Does it?

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Working from home means no dressing up. It means you can take as many brakes as you like. It means you can ‘quickly’ prepare dinner and maybe bake a cake. It means you can have a plumber fix toilet-flush valve and pick up your kids from school. Working from home means you are home. Period. There may not be dozens of phones ringing all at the same time and gatherings around coffee machine, but there are far more distractions that reduce your, very much needed, work concentration. And besides, there are far more benefits to working in a company than there are from working from home. Read on to learn why working from home is an absolute no-no.

Broaden Your Circle of Acquaintances – People are creatures who like to socialize; to interact with other individuals; exchange opinions and experiences; ask for an assistance and offer help. Office job offers you exactly this. When working in a company, you have a chance to meet different people and broaden your circle of acquaintances.

Expand Your Knowledge – Working in a company equals collective creativity. Do you know how many inventive ideas have come out form office chatter? Interacting with people from different backgrounds, cultures, faiths and education systems will help you broaden your knowledge.

Increase Your Chances For Success – Office work increases your chances for success. If you are hard-working and diligent, you will most likely get promoted and pave yourself a path to success.

Better Incentive Programs – Companies are very much aware of all the benefits employee incentive programs offer. Aside from encouraging, motivating and awarding, employee gifts prove that your employer recognizes and appreciates your hard work. Who will reward your determination, inventiveness and many over-time hours if you choose to work from home?

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If you’re working from home and are wondering why your career is in a stagnant phase, perhaps lost human interaction is why. And to conclude – the ultimate silver lining to working for a company is simply a fact that sometimes things that seem irrelevant at first sight, may lead to something significant and big.