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Takeaway Business Disposables: Sustainable vs. Plastic

We’re living in an age of many changes, that’s a given, and considering how many of them have to do with the choices we make with the products we use, clothes we wear and foods we eat generated by the eco-friendly trends, I would say it’s all for the better.

It’s quite the challenge to tackle the issue of plastics, especially when you’re working in the takeaway business. As a nation, Australians love takeaway food, more so considering most of us have fast-paced lifestyles and we don’t always have the time we need for preparing meals. While this is great if you’re in the takeaway business, it’s also worrisome when thinking about the issue with plastics.

sugar coffee stirrers

There’s no doubt plastics are cheap, but even something as small as a coffee stirrer can be harmful to the environment. Luckily, there’s a solution that’s great both for businesses and the environment alike: disposable and biodegradable sugar coffee stirrers, cups, cutlery, packaging and bags.

The problem with plastics is even if it’s the recyclable option it’s still not getting recycled enough and ends up in piles of waste on landfills. There are different materials you can choose that are also compostable, as is the case with the wooden sugar coffee stirrers and cutlery, and even if you still prefer to go for something non-compostable at least let it be one of the alternatives that are made most of renewable sources such as corn or other plant starch.

This would help you reduce the consumption of non-renewable fuels otherwise used in the production of regular plastics. It’s an affordable solution to the problem with cheap plastic takeaway containers and cutlery usually made of polystyrene. Additionally, it’s no secret the toxic chemicals present in plastic takeaway are harmful for your health.

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Sure, they seem harmless enough but packaging made of polycarbonate plastics known for their harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates can easily make their way into your food especially when it’s hot which means they can just as easily make their way into your body as well.

Unlike biodegradable, compostable and sustainable packaging the plastic option increases the risk of numerous health issues, reproductive, developmental, cancer, cardiovascular to begin with, along with metabolic and thyroid disorders, obesity and diabetes.

Opting for disposables that aren’t full of toxins is a step that won’t only help your business but the customers and the environment too so have this in mind when you’re deciding on the packaging next time.