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Stock vs Aftermarket Land Cruiser Exhaust Systems

One of the best-selling vehicles in Australia for the past several years is the Toyota Land Cruiser, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change any time soon. The reason the Land Cruiser is this popular is because of it’s sheer reliability, the wide variety of models and makes that can accommodate anyone – from commuters, off-road enthusiasts, tradesmen, etc. Thanks to their popularity, the Land Cruiser has many available parts and accessories online and in Toyota and aftermarket dealerships.

If you’re looking for a performance upgrade for your Land Cruiser, then the best and most affordable way to do that is by investing in an aftermarket performance exhaust system. The reason why aftermarket Land Cruiser exhaust systems greatly increase the vehicle’s performance are numerous. I’m not saying that the stock exhaust system that Land Cruisers sport is bad by any means, but if you’re looking to get the most out of your engine, you’re better off investing in aftermarket performance Land Cruiser exhaust systems.

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The difference that has the biggest performance impact between stock and aftermarket exhausts is the materials they’re manufactured from. Stock exhaust are manufactured from cheaper types of steel (mild or galvanised) while aftermarket exhausts are manufactured from quality aluminised and stainless steel. Aluminised and stainless steel have rust, corrosion and heat-resistant properties which is very important, as the gases flowing through them are hot, and rust and corrosion are a big no-no for the exhaust. Seeing as we live on a continent which is considered to have extreme climate, it’s always either too hot, humid or dry – this is a very important factor to consider.

Stock exhausts typically sport smaller diameter pipes, while aftermarket performance exhausts have much larger pipes which improve your engine’s breathing. Improved breathing leads to faster and safer toxic gas emission and improved oxygen supply to the engine, which leads to more efficient fuel burning, thus improving your fuel economy.

All of this will push out extra horsepower and throttle from your engine, improving your Land Cruiser’s performance by a noticeable margin. However, performance aside, aftermarket exhaust systems can also look better and make your vehicle have a deeper, more noticeable sound. Stock exhausts have mufflers which reduce most of the sound produced by the engine, while aftermarket mufflers don’t restrict as much noise. Aftermarket exhaust systems typically look better as well, and you can choose between having a single or twin exhaust tip.