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Solar Panels Vs. Generator: The Better Option for Your Camping Trips

We’re all aware of the impact technology has on modern day life, and yet we’re often guilty of taking things for granted. Let’s take electricity as an example; we don’t really feel particularly grateful about it simply because we were born in a time when electricity was already part of most households but whenever a blackout happens, that’s when we realise just how dependent we are on it. It’s the same when it’s the case with taking to the road and heading out on camping adventures.

Now that glamping is revolutionising the whole camping experience (rather enhancing it by increasing comfort), there are few of us who can actually say bye to civilisation for several days and stay in touch with nature by giving up the use of electronics during camping, sleeping in a bag – in other words go Bear Grylls. Most of us prefer the comfort of a camper bed and bathroom, accompanied by the temperature commodity air conditioners can provide and, of course, electronics. Question remains that campers are faced with, whether to opt for solar panels portable in design, or generators.

Portable Solar Panels

Latest designs of solar panels portable and foldable, based on monocrystalline cells – highest efficiency cells in low or high temperature, make for easy installation so you can undertake a DIY process. Furthermore, they don’t require you to carry fuel, apart from occasional washing they’re maintenance free, and run quietly which isn’t the case with generators. Considering these photovoltaic panels are based on a system that uses up the sun rays, they make for eco-friendly power source that’s renewable and doesn’t hurt the environment. Since the system is designed so as to store the sun energy, you can have power even at night, which is ideal for going to remote places as staying off-grid has never been easier.

If your worry is not having enough power to supply batteries with, apart from also needing it for appliances, solar panels produce enough energy to power all the 12 volt devices you have, including 120 volt appliances (yes, even laptops and TVs). The problem with generators is most of the time they produce more energy than needed, so it goes to waste. Unlike the solar panels’ all-day charge, generators pump out most of the power in a short period which is why they aren’t advisable when you want to extend your trips. As for the noise, bear in mind quiet generators are best suited for small appliances and re-charging batteries. If you want to go eco-friendly, save up money over time and get the right amount of energy (noiseless), solar power is the way to go.