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Self-Defense Gadgets to Keep Yourself Protected

The truth is that in today’s society – help is not always immediately available to make a difference in an emergency. This is why educating and equipping yourself with the right skills, tools and gadgets is of life-and-death significance. The most important aspect of self-defence is to develop space and body awareness. You prepare your mind and body to respond to threats against your safety or your life.

So why is it important for you to learn specific techniques and to learn how to use your gadgets not just have them? When under the pressure of a life-threatening situation, people automatically revert to what they already know how to do. Stress makes it difficult to adapt to circumstances we haven’t encountered prior or prepared for.

It’s good to know that there are many different tactics and little gadgets that don’t cost much but can serve as immense support, not only in real-life threats but also as a boost of your confidence.

usb led lighting

Safety Keychain Light

When your safety is threatened, every second matters. If you can pick an item other than your keys – a USB led lighting is the one thing you want to have attached to your keychain. This light is more than just a light to help you see when you’re unlocking the door to your home or car. A safety keychain light has a quick and easily accessible shrill alarm signal that can deter an attacker or serve as a loud call for help. That’s why an alarm can be a lifesaver. The up to 400 lumens bright light safely illuminates the surroundings, making the rechargeable USB led lighting an indispensable accessory that can also be attached directly to your handbag, belt or jacket. Just the thought of knowing that you have it will give you a sense of security, but don’t forget to practise how to use it. Make sure you try it out and have it attached to a place that is easy to reach and accessible at all times.

Tactical Pen

When you browse around for your new tactical pen (also known as a weapon pen), pick one that has a solid construction, is made with sturdy material and try to see if it fits comfortably in your hand. And the most important feature is to make sure it’s anti-slip, as they usually are. The self-defence market has now introduced pens that switch between pen and glass breakers with a sharp end that serves the purpose of self-defence. This highly portable weapon will increase your chance of survival and give you time to escape to safety in case of an emergency. This is yet another thing you can attach to your keychain or anywhere you find it to be appropriate for an easy and fast reach. The window breaker is worth mentioning because it’s been known to save people’s lives in all kinds of different scenarios. So having one around is a great idea for yourself but also in case you need to help someone else. And as always, be sure to never forget that this is still a weapon and you need to use it responsibly.

Pepper Spray

Anyone with an interest in personal safety or additional protection for yourself or your loved one — whether you are a man or a woman, parent, student, outdoor enthusiast or professional security guard, should get a pepper spray. And even more importantly – to learn how and when to use it. And there’s a good reason for that. Pepper sprays deliver a concentrated burst of capsaicin, the chemical found in peppers that give them their heat. When it comes in contact with the eyes, nose or throat — it triggers an instantaneous inflammatory response. Along with intense pain, the eyes will get extremely irritated and the respiratory system can be disrupted, disrupting your breathing. The combined effects can disable and disorient a person for up to several minutes, giving you the time you need to get to safety and away from harm. When used on an assailant, these products can incapacitate your attacker, giving you the pivotal moment you need to run away as fast as you can. Pepper sprays are not meant to kill, only to distress, and this is why they are the number one weapon of choice against wildlife and any human attacker.

emergency locator

Distress Beacon

An emergency locator or a distress beacon is an electronic device that, when activated in a life-threatening situation, assists rescue authorities in their search to locate those in distress. Suitable for all sorts of situations but especially used by hikers, employees working in remote areas, boat crew, etc. They are relatively lightweight and small and will fit into your pocket or clip to your pack/belt very easily. This type of beacon is becoming a multi-environment beacon. A personal locator beacon is designed for one thing: to send an SOS message. If you’re on a solo adventure in the wild and you suffer an injury or are lost, one push of a button will summon help. It’s an extraordinary gadget to have in case you are on a trail when night falls and an accident happens and you’re unprepared for it.

Space Awareness

This one goes without saying but it’s of no loss to remind yourself that you should always be aware of the space around you. Especially if you have no self-defence gadgets on you but you feel threatened in any way whatsoever. The Krav Maga rule of thumb is that any object you have on you can become a self-defence weapon. So as long as you walk with purpose, don’t use headphones, and ooze an aura of self-confidence, you’ve already lessened the chance to be a target for any potential attacker.


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