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Professional Vs. Home Cooking Equipment

Many years of teaching, training and practice is required to become a professional chef. On the other hand, home cooking calls for skill and knowledge as well. Or to put in another way, both require attention to detail and of course, to love and enjoy cooking. The difference between these two types of cooking is the usage of different techniques and equipment. For example, professional cooking requires special skills, speed, knowledge of food paring and equipment to make delicious, eye-appealing dishes. Cooking equipment is especially important in achieving perfect results. And very often people don’t recognize the difference between professional and home cooking equipment. This article will outline the basic differences.

Professional Vs. Home Cooking Equipment

The main noticeable difference between professional and home cooking equipment is the size. The reason is, professional kitchens need to accommodate the needs of greater number of servings in a short period of time. For example, every restaurant, on a busy day, needs to serve over 20 various dishes in less than half an hour. And for the same reason, home cooking equipment is smaller since it is sufficient enough to accommodate the needs of an average Australian family. Also, most home kitchens do not have the space for specially designed equipment which can be only seen in professional kitchens such as commercial fryer, electric counter deep fryer, wok burner, burner stove and many others.

Today, many manufacturers advertize high-tech domestic cooking equipment guaranteeing high quality and durability. However, it should be noted that, because some restaurants work and serve meals 24 hours a day, the equipment they use is way more qualitative and durable and is always made out of high quality stainless steel. Moreover, home cooking equipment does not have the same level of precision when controlling the temperature of the food. Keeping food warm and hot is another important issue. Food prepared in home kitchens is usually served immediately, while restaurants use different kinds of food warmers to keep the food hot and fresh in a case of a delay.

Also, some special meals and recipes simply cannot be done home by using home kitchen equipment. For example, to get the real taste of Chinese noodles, an appropriate wok pan and wok burner is required. The wok burner and the pan are designed to ensure fast cooking of raw ingredients. Although, an inevitable part of every Asian household, wok burner is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Ethnically diverse communities have set new standards for food preparation. People love to explore different tastes, textures and cooking techniques. And Chinese cuisine is probably the most popular at the moment, which is why many restaurants offer Chinese dishes on their menus. And to prepare authentic and delicious Chinese dishes, you must have wok pan and wok burner.

But, there is one thing common for both professional and home cooking equipment – safety. This is especially important for restaurants because there are more dangerous places than at home with so many hot burners working at the same time. However, home cooking equipment is extremely safe as well. But, proper heat protecting gloves are a must when cooking. Finally, no matter what kind of cooking equipment is used, professional or for home use, the most important thing is to simply enjoy the cooking process and to love making different kinds of meals.