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Outdoor LED Flood Lights vs. Spotlights: Which Option Is Better?

If you are planning on lighting your outdoor space, chances are, you are torn between choosing spotlights or outdoor LED flood lights. Both of them are popular options, however, they can serve different purposes, which means it’s important to know their differences to be able to determine which one is more suitable for your needs.

outdoor led flood lights


Floodlights provide artificial lighting, have a wide beam and are generally used when broader illumination is needed. They are used for large areas where regular lights are not enough. They are a popular option for illuminating parking areas, large patios, or spaces that host events such as concerts and theatre halls, etc. Floodlights can be commonly seen on vehicles driving in foggy weather, on vehicles performing roadwork, as well as on boats for rescue operations illuminating underwater areas.

There are few types of floodlights, among which HID, fluorescent and halogen lights, however, the most commonly used type is outdoor LED flood lights. They are environmentally-friendly, long-lasting and require a small amount of energy to operate, which means they are very cost-effective.

Most floodlights have a beamwidth of more than 45 degrees and up to 120 degrees, which is almost thrice the range of spotlights. This wide beam allows you to see a wider area at a closer distance, providing you with more visibility and overall luminosity. Having that said, these lights can also serve as security lights.

There are different designs and styles of floodlights. For example, if you need floodlights for security purposes, you can install a model with motion sensors. If you want lights for a commercial location, go for a model that has multiple bulbs which can illuminate a larger space. There is also the option of installing dusk till dawn floodlights that automatically turn on as the sun sets and go off when it rises in the morning.

outdoor spot lights


Spotlights are used for highlighting small areas, objects and for creating ambience. With them, you can easily illuminate a statue, an interesting tree, a doorway, or an architectural feature in your outdoor space. They are also often seen above garage doors. Spotlights can be also found on police and municipal vehicles – police cruisers use them to illuminate narrow areas at a long distance, or to spot individuals. Furthermore, agricultural vehicles can also use these lights to locate and street clear of nocturnal wildlife or to spot other obstacles that may otherwise be invisible at night.

Spotlights are known to provide a beam of light usually no wider than 45 degrees. This is a more concentrated beam that’s easier to point and control. Plus, it is a pretty strong light source which produces a cone of light. Spotlights can also be used indoors – as wall lights to accentuate certain design elements, as well as in museums, theatres and art exhibitions for displaying objects.

Spotlights come in various designs with different finishes. You can find classic models with a brushed chrome finish that feature wooden copper, or brass detailing for creating a more traditional ambience. In addition, there are spotlights in a sleek metallic or enamel finish that can complement a more contemporary indoor setting. Browse the wide range of options available on the market and choose the ones that best suit your needs and budget.