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Oil Free Vs. Oil Compressor – Which Is The Right Choice

The air compressor is a highly efficient machine which is used for producing compressed air. This machine is used in many industry sectors for various applications, such as powering pneumatic tools, for production line manufacturing process, or simply for removing debris.


The air compressors come in various types and models. They are classified in different groups and categories according to several different criteria. Some of the main criteria according to which the air compressors are divided is the type of pump and the type of lubrication. So, we have oil air compressors and oil free air compressors.

Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding whether you need oil compressor or oil free compressor, first you should determine the requirements of your application. The most important segment in this term is to decide whether you need air compressor for industrial or home use.

Difference Between Oil Compressor And Oil-Free Air Compressor

The air compressors have special piston. The function of this piston is to draw the air inside the machine. When the air is inside, it is stored (compressed) into a special storage tank. In the oil compressor, the piston chamber is lubricated with oil. The lubrication of the oil compressor is important if you want to achieve efficient machine performance.

On the other side, the oil-free compressors come with cylinder which is permanently lubricated with Teflon coating. This kind of lubrication protects the pump in the oil-fee air compressor. Unlike the oil compressor, the oil-free air compressor doesn’t need to be lubricated.

Oil Free Vs. Oil Compressor – Which One To Choose?

As we said before, the most important factor to consider when choosing between these two types of air compressors, is the type of application for which you will use the compressor. Check the advantages and the disadvantages of both models and choose which model is the right for you:

Oil Compressor


  • Quiet operation
  • More durable
  • High level of performance


  • More expensive
  • Heavy and big in size
  • Requires special maintenance

Oil Free Compressor


  • Lightweight;
  • Cheap;
  • Produce almost the same air flow and pressure like the oil compressor.


  • Loud operation;
  • Less durable;
  • Can be used only for light home applications.