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Off-Road Necessities: What You Need to Bring on Your Next Adventure

Going off-road is surely an adventure, but it’s also a great responsibility. The wilderness can be a dangerous place if you’re not properly prepared for it. A good off-road vehicle and some crucial, durable accessories are your starting point.

Considered the most reliable type of off-road vehicle, 4x4s are your best bet when planning a trip away from the beaten track. The thing about these vehicles is that their engine powers all four wheels at the same time, unlike cars designed for city use, for example, which power only two – either the front or the back. Having an engine that powers all four wheels optimises traction, making it far easier to drive on different surfaces and in different conditions. For example, it is much easier to drive on a slippery, wet road with a 4×4 than it is using a 4×2.

Going off-road means facing unpredictable conditions and terrain. So aside from a good vehicle, you’ll also need some other things to ensure you have a safe, worry-free adventure.

air compressor 4x4

Portable Air Compressor – Prepare Your Tyres for Different Surfaces

In off-road situations, a stationary air compressor is not an option. That’s why a portable one is something you must include in your off-road kit. You’ll need to purchase a quality portable air compressor 4×4 accessories stores sell that won’t let you down when you need it most.

An air compressor is an essential addition to off-road trips because of the difference tyre inflation makes when driving on different surfaces. As we said, you need to be prepared for all kinds of terrain. Experienced off-roaders know that tyre inflation means a lot for both safety and convenience. You’ll need to inflate or deflate your tyres according to the situation to gain the optimal traction that will make it easier to drive over the surface you find yourself on. In addition, adjusting tyre inflation will make for a smoother ride and will help keep wear-and-tear to a minimum.

To explain it simply, when you’re on a paved road, you need tyres that are inflated properly to avoid overheating, damaging the tyre or the car itself, avoid accidents because of lost traction, and so on. The road is paved and smooth and there are no obstacles for you to overcome. On the other hand, when you’re driving on sandy terrain, for example, you need as much tyre-surface touching the ground so you can gain the proper traction to be able to drive through that fine sand. Furthermore, obstacles like rocks will do far more minimal damage to the tyre and vehicle. That’s why you should stop and deflate your tyres before moving on.

If the surface changes again, you can inflate your tyres accordingly. That’s where a 4×4 air compressor comes in. We insist on a reliable, quality-made compressor so you can be sure you won’t be left stranded in the middle of nowhere with no safe way of continuing your journey.

recovery tracks

Recovery Tracks – Get Unstuck in Tricky Situations

All the talk about tyres continues. They really are important. Even when you follow the inflation-deflation rules for different surfaces, there can come a moment when you just get stuck. Off-roading is an unpredictable experience every time and that’s probably one of the reasons you want to do it. It’s also one of the reasons you need recovery gear in your prep-kit.

Recovery tracks are one of the best equipment you can include in your off-road kit, as they’ll help you gain even more traction and get you out of a messy situation in a short time. We all know the trick of getting unstuck by using a plank or some sticks to get a wheel or two out of a difficult situation, but having ready-made, high quality, durable recovery tracks will save you a lot of time. You can also be sure they’ll get the job done.

There are various types of recovery tracks out there. Look for words like ‘heavy-duty’ and ‘engineering-grade’ when buying and pay attention to the materials used in manufacturing. It’s a fool-proof way to make sure you get something that will certainly get your car moving again.


Awnings – Provide Shade for Comfort

A nice, refreshing shade can mean so much when you’re in the wilderness exposed to the harsh Australian sun. So, when preparing to take on the all-terrain challenge, make sure you have some shade-providing equipment at the ready. Best way to do this is to install an awning on your vehicle.

Awnings come in various sizes, so there is a lot you can choose from to fit your needs. An awning is an important addition as it will give you a place to set camp while keeping everything you need nearby.

Easy to install on your vehicle, they can either be a tent or just a top cover. They don’t take up much space at all, but when stretched out, they can cover a fair amount of area, protecting you from the elements and providing a place to rest under.

Not all off-road trips require you to have an awning, but if you’re going to a place where you know shade is hard to come by, definitely get one.


Accessories – Get Prepared for Everything

Things like shovels, basic tools, a quality light source, replacement parts for things you’d expect would break down, jump-starter cables, battery chargers, a flag pole, and similar items constitute the accessories you need for your off-road travels.

A shovel comes in handy if your car gets stuck and your tyres and recovery tracks need a little help. Basic tools are always welcome and should be present in every car, not just one travelling off-road. A quality light source is something you’ll be grateful you have with you at night. A sturdy flashlight has so many versatile uses! Jump-starter cables and battery chargers can not only help you, but somebody else as well, and it’s so important to help each other out while exploring.

A flag pole and something like a locator beacon are important to have so you can alert somebody if you’re in need of help. Staying visible is the number one rule of safety in the great outdoors.

Pick your accessories in accordance with where you’re travelling and what obstacles you might find along the way, but don’t exclude these staples that can be useful everywhere. Also, make sure you have suitable 4WD storage space for all these accessories. Pick an option that is easily accessible and can hold all your items without any damage to your car.

To Sum Up

No matter if you’re going camping or exploring the vast desert, the only safe off-road trip is the one you came prepared for. Make sure to research the roads you’re going to take and carry the necessary equipment to tackle them. Remember that tyre pressure is important, so always carry a suitable portable air compressor 4×4, recovery tracks, and the necessary accessories. Awnings are optional but strongly recommended.

The whole point of your trip is to have fun and explore. By taking these steps to ensure your safety you’re solving any problems you might find yourself in before they even happen.