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Kings Of Construction Equipment – JCB vs Caterpillar

Although there are many manufacturers of construction equipment in the world, only two can be called the kings of the construction equipment: JCB and Caterpillar. They produce a wide range of products, including JCB and Caterpillar backhoe loaders, different kinds of earth-moving machinery, cranes, etc. Depending on the construction project, both manufacturers can provide quality construction equipment to get the project done in the safest and most efficient manner. JCB and Caterpillar backhoe loaders and cranes can be seen on many construction job sites around the world, and they are the primary choice for many Australians.



People involved in the construction business are familiar with JCB, one of the leading brands for construction equipment. The name of the company comes from the name of its founder, Joseph Cyril Bamford, who established JCB in 1945 and quickly developed the first product – a tipping trailer. Few years later, JCB produced the first hydraulic tipping trailer, and in 1953 the company developed the product that gained big attention and popularity- the backhoe loader. With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, the construction equipment from JCB is available in more than 150 countries all over the world, including Australia. The product line of JCB includes over 300 pieces of construction equipment, including the most popular one – the backhoe loader. The remarkable yellow logo of JCB can be seen on many construction job sites around the world, as there is a product for every operation. Additionally, JCB produces many attachments for all its products, making them extremely versatile on the job sites.


Whether for back-filling, handling material or digging operations, the Caterpillar backhoe loaders can make these tasks look easy. The construction equipment from Caterpillar is used not only in the construction sector but also in many other industry sectors as well, like military and agriculture. Caterpillar gained its popularity with the production of the first steam-powered tractors, which were very popular and efficient machines for that time. After the tractors, many new and innovative products were manufactured by Caterpillar, but the Caterpillar backhoe loaders are the most popular ones. Caterpillar today disposes with a wide range of products, and according to the last report, it has more than 400 products available in more than 200 countries around the world.

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