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Household High Pressure Water Pump vs. Jet Pump


Living in remote parts of a city or the countryside has its advantages – the beautiful surrounding environment, the lack of city jam and the generally quieter ambiance. It also comes with downsides, one of which is particularly concerning for anyone who plans on the idea: the supply of water. Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, today water is available for usage thanks to the high pressure water pumps.

These water pumps serve to get water out of a well, a bare, a lake, or even from the underground and deliver it to your house using a hose. They can also be used for agricultural and horticultural purposes for watering large surfaces. Some people even use them to maintain their large front and backyards clean, and often you can see them in car washing workshops as well.

Their main purpose is to take water from a nearby source and turn it into a flow with the help of pressure. That’s exactly where most people do a mistake: the pressure pump’s purpose isn’t to create pressure, but with the use of pressure to create a flow of water. Which is logical actually, because the water the pump takes from below the ground’s surface or a deep well won’t get through a hose without any push whatsoever.

When you search the many high pressure water pumps Australia retailers’ offers, you’ll find a few categories out of which two are most commonly used: the household pressure pump and the jet pumps.

Household pressure pumps

There is a modern version of this otherwise old type. It features the variable voltage and variable frequency technology and when you search through the offers of high pressure water pumps Australia wide, you will spot them as VSRM or Variable Speed Constant Pressure Pumps. These are highly efficient and save a lot of energy with their design and way of work in comparison to the traditional pumps. As such, they can be filled up with as much as 4L of water. Mainly made of stainless steel, these pumps have a fairly long life span.

Jet pumps

Jet pumps are mainly used for domestic purposes, such as supplying a household with water from sources like a well, a driven point system and an open water source. They’re used with standard or pre-charged pressure tank and as such they can be found in three types:

  • shallow well jet pumps which are located above the source of the water and can draw water from depths up to 8 metres;
  • deep well jet pumps, as their name says, serve to draw water from bigger depths, such as 30 metres or so.
  • convertible well jet pumps are also used for drawing water from deep wells with one extra feature: they can always be converted to shallow well pumps in a simple way. Since they come with a jet assembly, all you need to do to convert them is just attach the jet assembly to the pump with a single suction pipe.

As you can see, household pressure pumps are a little limited in the range of uses, while the many types of jet pumps can definitely meet more needs.