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Gear Motor Wars: Bevel vs Helical Gearbox

Helical Gear Motor Cartoon

Have you heard about the gear wars? Bevel Gearbox vs Helical Gearbox – The battle of machines.

There are a lot of manufactures that produce various types of gearboxes. The main difference between individual gearboxes is the performance charts. However, picking from the various gearboxes depends on the manufacturing company. They come in different sizes, ratios and backlash characteristics. There are several types of gearboxes, however, our focus in this article will be the differences between the top two: Bevel Gearbox and Helical Gearbox.

Bevel Gearbox

The bevel gearboxes of today are: straight and spiral teeth gears. The first have tapered and straight teeth and can be used for tasks that require slower speed. They latter have curved and oblique teeth and are generally used for applications that are performed with high speed. Usually bevel gear boxes are made of aluminium alloy and cast iron, however, it all depends on the manufacturer.

The bevel gearbox uses bevel gears that are generally used for angle application such as automobiles, steel plants, hand drills, print press and much more. The main advantages of bevel gearbox are because they are durable in any condition and can configure easily at the right angle. It’s hard to find something to call a disadvantage when it comes to these, except they create a lot of noise which can be a real problem for the operators of the facility.

Helical Gear Motor

Helical Gearbox

A helical gear motor uses a helical gearbox that is made with angle cuts which allows for gradual contact to occur between each of the helical gear teeth. This type of technology that can go to a great extent of horsepower, while offering a smooth and quiet operation which makes it the perfect solution. The helical gear motor is used for a lot of applications, primarily in the oil industry and also as a gearbox in blowers and cutters, elevators and much more.

Just like the bevel gear gearbox, the helical gearbox is made from steel which renders it quite durable. The main advantages of a helical gear motor is that it is highly efficient, offers great levels of horsepower and it also offers smooth and quiet operation. In reality, there are not many disadvantages when it comes to choosing to use a helical gearbox, however, a small number of people do complain about the resistance of the long axis of the gearbox, which can be solved very easily by calibrating the motor more often.

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