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Ford Ranger Seat Covers: Protection, Style and Comfort All in One

The list of available ute accessories and parts is huge. Some like tray conversions and canopies get all the attention, while seemingly unimportant additions like seat covers often get overlooked. Customisation is part of the reason why utes like the Ford Ranger are selling like hotcakes, apart from the rugged build, reliability and the fact that they can take you where other cars can’t. And while you use and abuse your ute to its limits, you still want it to look good, inside and out. 


More than Protection 

Ute interiors have come a long way from just a few years ago. Soft-touch materials are where they need to be, seats are comfier, and dashes have all the creature comforts of more expensive cars. Build and presentation are also on a higher level. The overall impression is of quality and attention to detail, even in base-spec cars. To keep it that way, seat covers do all the dirty work. You’ll want a custom-fit set of Ford Ranger seat covers if you need to:

  • Protect the fabric from spills and stains – most of us have a bite or a sip of coffee when driving, so the odds of spills or stains soiling the fabric are high. The same goes for passengers sitting at the back in a dual cab. And if you have pets, you know they can get a bit too excited on road trips. 
  • Prevent tears, cracks and fading – sharp tools, pet claws and misbehaving kids are the prerequisite for damaging the seats with tears in the fabric and cracks in the leather. Also, the piercing Aussie sun won’t be easy on the seats, and they’ll fade or thin quickly enough. 
  • Avoid typical ute nasties – mud, sand, dirt, water, oil and other culprits have the knack of being attracted to utes more than any other vehicle type. To keep them from spoiling or damaging the interior, pair proper covers with matching mats for full protection. 
  • Need more style – Older, base-spec Rangers are known to have more spartan insides than the newer cars, but a good-looking set of seat covers, and with a bit of eye-catching detail, can liven things up. 
  • Need more comfort – aftermarket covers are padded, have non-slip materials and make longer highway runs, and off-roading trips less fatiguing. 

Getting Covers up to the Task

Choosing covers for your Ford Ranger boils down to materials, fit, designs and extra features. 


There’s a berth of material options when buying Ford Ranger seat covers. The most popular choices include neoprene, canvas and sheepskin, but buyers can still find cheaper velour or vinyl covers if looking to save. 
Neoprene is a waterproof synthetic rubber, that is very durable and resistant to tearing and also works well in high heat and exposure to sunlight. It won’t catch fire or fade, and being breathable keeps occupants cool. Seats made of neoprene do a great job of keeping liquids, food, oil and other nasties at bay, while any dirt and grime are easy to clean. They’re machine washable, quick to dry, and with high elasticity, easy to get on and off. Buyers will find neoprene covers in different grades and with varying padding, but all are comfortable, have non-slip surfaces and look great on both bucket and rear bench seats. Go with neoprene if you additionally need a stylish addition to your Ranger interior. 
Canvas covers are the heavy-duty choice if you’re harder on the ute. They’re best for durability, and extremely resistant to tears and scratches as well as fading. A good set will get you more than a few years of use. And being water and heat-resistant, they’ll easily cope with spilt coffees or anxious four-legged friends. They too are sold in different grades or thicknesses, meaning varying levels of comfort and different price points. The only downside is that they need more work and attention when dirty. 
Sheepskin is a premium choice for anybody needing ultimate comfort and the best-looking covers there are. They keep drivers and passengers warm in winter, and cool in summer, and are exceptionally breathable and naturally flame-retardant. And they’re better at repelling dust and grime, so just need the occasional vacuuming to keep their appearance. There are a few downsides though. Dirty sheepskin seat covers are hand-washed with wool detergents, or to be sure, sent to the dry cleaners. The other con is the obvious high price. 

Fit, Cut and Colours

Buyers have two options when it comes to fit. Universal covers may not be the best for all Ranger badges and series, being a one-size-fits-all. You may have trouble getting them on, and they could be too tight for bigger front seats, especially in higher trims. There will also be issues with the head and armrests. To cut the hassle, get custom-fit covers tailored to the exact proportions of each seat. There are current-gen covers, and those that match PX, PK, and PJ Rangers, so all models are covered. 
Then there are the different cut options. Front bucket seat covers can be full length, and do more in covering any previous damage, while half-back options make way for back pockets. Rear seats are more standard across multiple Ranger models, but still be sure you’re getting the right ones for your model. Packaged deals also throw in matching console and dash covers for a complete look. Lastly, ensure that minor details, like tethering points for child seats are accessible, and the covers don’t interfere with airbag activation. 
Colours and stitching are dependent on materials, but buyers still have a huge selection to meet individual tastes and have covers that go well with the rest of the Ranger interior. Custom options are also a good choice if you want something that stands out and won’t cost much more.