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Electric Pallet Jack vs. Walkie Pallet Jack

A forklift is a machine for handling various materials, and it is used in many different industries. There are seven classes of forklifts, and each class includes different forklift types. The most popular class for the operators is Class III, which includes two forklift types: electric pallet jack and walkie pallet jack. Both, the electric pallet and walkie pallet jack are reliable and cost-efficient, and have their own positive and negative sides. You need to choose a pallet jack that will satisfy your requirements efficiently. In order to choose the right model, here is a comparison between the walkie and the electric pallet jack. 


Walkie Pallet Jack – A walkie pallet jack, or walk-behind stacker, is a pallet truck with a mast for lifting pallets. This model is pushed/pulled by the operator. There are five different walkie pallet jack types to suit different applications: standard walkie, walkie straddle, walkie reach, ride on walkie and counter-balance walkie pallet jack. These pallet jacks are most commonly used for handling small number or light pallets in small warehouses, warehousing sections, food processing plants, etc. The walkie pallet jacks are most efficient when are used 5-hours in a day. Here are the key advantages of the walkie stacker:

  • Easier and simpler to use;
  • Does not require a forklift license for operation;
  • Lower initial investment;
  • Lower operating costs;
  • Highly maneuverable;
  • No exhaust pollution, no fumes and low noise;

Electric Pallet Jack – The electric pallet jack is another great material handling solution for small or medium lifting operations that do not require large forklifts. It uses electric energy for lifting and moving its fork blades and pallets. The electric pallet jack is capable to move very quickly, which makes it perfect for large warehouses where moving pallets from one location to another is required. Small and compact, the electric pallet jack is excellent for small-sized warehouses, because it can easily get through aisles, meaning that it is highly maneuverable. The electric pallet jacks are incredibly versatile and can be used for transporting boxes, furniture, small and medium pallets. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the electric pallet jacks are capable to operate for more than 5 hours in one day. Unlike the walkie pallet jack, this model requires specific training for proper operation. The main advantages of the electric pallet jack are the following ones:

  • Versatile;
  • Replaces few walkie pallet jacks;
  • Suitable for medium-duty lifting operations;
  • Safe operation;
  • Quiet machine;
  • No exhaust pollution and no fumes;