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Electric Juicer vs. Blender

The difference between the electric juicer and the blender has been the biggest enigma for many people. To add even more confusion, over the years, there have been many public debates and commercials in the favour of both appliances. At the end, customers are left with only ‘either/or’ option. It seems a bit unfair, since the difference between the electric juicer and the blender is not based on quality and performance solely, but on the different needs and requirements of customers as well.


Generally, both appliances are advertised as promoters of healthy eating and the best option would be to have both on your kitchen counter. However, not everyone can afford to have both of these small kitchen appliances, so it seems that the paramount question still remains – ‘Which of these two should I choose?‘.

It all depends on your preferences. Do you prefer freshly squeezed juice or blended smoothies? The argument that has most frequently been circulating on different health and wellness forums is that blended drinks are healthier than extracted juices. Reason? Supposedly, the process of juicing discards the pulp and according to those in favour of blenders, this is a waste on good nutrients. According to many fitness experts and nutritionists, all the goodness (vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes) is in fact in the pulp, hence why they recommend fruit, vegetable and yogurt blended drinks and smoothies.

But, is this the real explanation and the true fact that customers should rely on? Absolutely not. A quality and efficient electric juicer only removes the fibre from the juice ingredients (fruits and/or vegetables), but not the good nutrients. Another truth is that the human body is not capable to digest plant fibre, although fibre plays an important role in the healthy diet, by promoting a healthy digestive system.

So, after all, it seems like the selection between an electric juicer and a blender depends on your eating habits and needs, of course. Thus, if your nutrition already includes lots of fibre, why adding excessive fibre in the body with blended drinks? You do not need that, so consider the electric juicer as the best option for you. On the flip-side, if you do not intake a recommended daily amount of fibre, get yourself a blender. However, our advice to you is to also get a juicer. Nothing compares to glass of freshly made fruit & veggies juice in the morning to boost-start a day.

Hopefully, we’ve been of assistance and our simple guide will help you decide and choose the small kitchen appliance that best fits the eating habits of your family.