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Diesel vs Gasoline Trucks – Fuel And Maintenance Costs


The diesel trucks have earned a reputation of being loud, slow and smelly, but their fuel efficiency makes them some of the most commonly used vehicles. They can save a lot more fuel than the gasoline trucks, but that doesn’t mean they always save money. In order to choose between diesel and gasoline trucks, you need to find the perfect balance between truck performance, fuel efficiency and budget. Each fuel option offers its own advantages and disadvantages. According to trucks4u there are few factors that you should consider before choosing between diesel and gasoline truck. Here are the most important ones:

Fuel Efficiency – The fuel efficiency that is provided by the diesel trucks is the main reason why people decide to buy diesel-powered trucks. The diesel engines offer around 30% better fuel economy than the gasoline engines. Why? Because the diesel engines are leaner, burn less fuel and still create the same power as the gasoline engines. Although more expensive than the gasoline, the diesel fuel has higher energy output. This significantly improves the overall fuel economy.

Maintenance Costs – The diesel engines don’t come with spark plugs or distributors, which means they don’t require ignition tuneups. However, keeping a diesel engine well-maintained with regular and frequent oil changes, oil, air and fuel filter changes is necessary and very expensive. This means that the maintenance costs are higher. Compared to the gasoline engines, the diesel engines come with some components which are not included in the gasoline engines. The gasoline engines on the other hand, have longer service intervals for changing the engine oil, filters and engine coolant. They are also less expensive to maintain.

Engine Longevity – The diesel engines offer an advantage in terms of more kilometers passed. The average service life of the gasoline engines is about 330,000 km, while the diesel engines may last up to 500,000 km. That’s because the diesel engines have high cylinder pressure and high compression ratios. Furthermore, the diesel engines are designed with more durable engine parts.

Although more expensive to buy, the diesel trucks may provide you with big money savings on the long run. Their engines last longer, they consume less fuel, and are capable to generate the same amount of power like the gasoline engines. These three factors will help you to make the right decision that will increase your productivity and profitability.


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