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Backhoe Loader Review: John Deere 310SJ vs. John Deere 310E

John Deere is one of the leading manufacturers for agricultural and construction equipment. With more than 200 years of experience in the construction and agricultural field, many companies and contractors around the world choose John Deere as their reliable partner. Since its establishment, John Deere is constantly introducing remarkable innovations and technologies on the market. Although mostly known as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, the truth is that the company produces exceptional construction machines also. In fact, one of the most popular products form this American manufacturer is the John Deere backhoe loader.

John Deere backhoe loaders are some of the finest backhoes that can be found on the market and some of the most efficient pieces of construction machinery that can be used for small and large construction job sites. In general, the John Deere backhoe loaders are used for carrying light loads, excavating tasks, paving and landscaping jobs. Two of the most popular John Deere backhoes are the 310SJ and 310E, each coming with unique features and capabilities.


John Deere 310SJ – John Deere 310SJ is a powerful machine, featuring a John Deere 4045 turbocharged engine with 92 horsepower. With a digging depth of 4.4 meters and ability to lift loads up to 3.5 meters, this John Deere backhoe loader is suitable for a variety of applications. John Deere 310SJ can handle loads of up to 6,545 kg, and has a loader breakout force of over 5,000 kg. Another great benefit of this backhoe is that it comes with a powershift transmission that provides four forward and three reverse gears.


John Deere 310E – The second model, 310E is less powerful than the 310SJ, but it offers other advantages. The 310E is designed with excavator-style boom, bucket and high-pressure hydraulic system, so it can complete various applications. It is also powered by the John Deere 4045 engine, but with 76 horsepower. Compact, yet a heavy-duty and all-around performer, this John Deere backhoe loader is built to last and to complete any task quickly and efficiently. It has four forward and four reverse gears to allow a great maneuverability and greater control. With lots of features and technologies, operating the John Deere 310E is very convenient, safe and easy.

The 310SJ and 310E are the most popular backhoe loaders by John Deere, and both have their own qualities. The decision which backhoe loader to use will depend on your application and work requirements.