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Air Compressor Airbrush Vs. Paint Brush Painting: What to Choose for Home Maintenance and Leisure Use

Unlike years ago, when tools, or more specifically power tools, meant you could only use them for applications that were strictly professional or had to do something with repairing, nowadays there are those that are meant to be of use with home maintenance and leisure use.

The air compressors are the perfect example in this case. Apart from their initial inflating tyres role, they can be used for painting, be it when you want to give your furniture, interior, or exterior walls some refreshment, or when you want to express your artistic skills painting your bicycle, or any vehicle for that matter if you have the skill.

You may be thinking there’s the initial investment to consider, and obviously the paint brush would win this category, however there is a vast choice of cheap air compressors to prove otherwise.

These tools are worth the money not just because they can come in handy in cases of emergency with flat tyres, but also when you want to carry out painting tasks to perfection, seamlessly, with little to no effort, and get no achy arms as a result. And now with the cheap air compressors options, airbrush painting equipment doesn’t have to be costly, so it’s definitely a win-win for your projects!

You may be thinking it’s much easier to actually do the prep work with a paint brush, and then clean it much faster, but when you get one of the quality airbrushes to pair your air compressor, like one of the gravity feed brushes, you can also count on quick prep work and cleaning (a quick wipe and flush with water), so once again, more pros for the air compressor airbrushes painting combo.

Apart from the advantages of using airbrush painting for larger projects, it’s needless to point out this option proves to be much more efficient with small projects that demand high precision as well (all the detail work) when you add thin paint in the equation, something you can’t really count on with a paint brush – yes, even if you have a still hand! All you have to do is turn the air compressor’s pressure down, and you’re good to go.

Also, you get an incomparable quality outcome with the airbrush as you can marvel at a soft, more even finish, as opposed to the more than obvious strokes the paint brush leaves out. And, when making further comparisons, it’s undoubtedly the airbrush air compressor would win over the paint brush when it comes to durability, meaning you’d get to save on money in the long run. Think long-term!