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Women’s Guide To Fashion: High Leg vs. Ankle Cowboy Boots

Are you a boot lover? You’re not alone. Going as far back as 12.000 BC, women and men were all about boots. Persian urns in the form of boots have been found to attest to the human love for this specific type of footwear. Dated to around 3000 BC, these artefacts are proof that the boot has been going strong for thousands upon thousands of years now.

The very first boots were simple. A bit of leather mixed with some other material. However, as the years went by and humanity developed, so did boots. Nowadays, we have a wide variety of this fan-favourite footwear – from modern, studded pairs to more traditional ones, like cowboy boots. When it comes to cowboy boots, there is really a lot to talk about, especially if you’re a woman. From the debate on whether they are a historical or contemporary item to all the different models and how you can wear them, let’s get to it.

Ladies Cowboy Boots


Ladies Cowboy Boots: History or Fashion?

Originating in Spain, cowboy boots were made with safety and performance in mind. Concentrated on making life in the desert much easier, they were crafted to help make looking after stock, riding horses, and overall work in harsh conditions easier and a bit more comfortable.

As men were mainly the ones doing such work it makes sense that they would wear them, but what about the ladies? In those days, ladies were mainly stuck at home, taking care of the children and the house, so why did they start wearing these boots?

Well, as it turns out – they didn’t. Ladies cowboy boots are a fairly novel item and are worn mainly for fashion purposes. There were a few women across history that did wear them for the same purposes men did. However, overall, the cowboy boots for women today have a lot in common with cowboy boots for women in the past.

If you ask me, this is a wonderful thing, as it means that cowgirl boots nowadays are truly authentic items that can provide both style and comfort with a little bit of history woven in between.

Cowboy Boots for Women: Styles & How to Wear Them

Since we established that women’s cowboy boots are basically just a fashion item, we can comfortably start talking about the different styles available and how we ladies can wear them.

Before really diving into the whole thing we need to establish the two main styles: high and low-cut cowboy boots. Both of these styles have their own special properties, their own wearing possibilities, and their own good and bad sides, so this article is going to revolve around them and how you can incorporate them into your style easily and without mistake.

High Cowboy Boots

High cowgirl boots can be considered a classic. Very much resembling their male counterparts, high cowgirl boots are all about that iconic western style without any compromise about it. Usually going as high as the knee, high cowgirl boots are heavily concentrated on displaying uniqueness and detailing. Available in a huge variety of models, they are one of those footwear items you just shouldn’t go without.

High Cowboy Boots


There are countless examples of celebrities and models wearing high cowboy boots while out and about proving the iconic status of the cowgirl boot over and over again. As they do resemble a regular boot, high cowboy boots for ladies are very easy to style. If you think you’re going to need to go all flannel and jeans to be able to pair them correctly you are mistaken.

High cowboy boots can handle anything – from a casual streetwear outfit of a white shirt, short shorts, and a fashionable hat to more dressy ensembles featuring tight dresses, overcoats, and lots of jewels. Some high cowgirl boots can be worn in warmer months, but I’d recommend sticking with them when the weather is a bit colder, as they are, when well-made, a heavy-duty boot that is made to last and do so in quite a cute manner.

Low-Cut Cowboy Boots

A modern twist to an already modern item, low-cut cowgirl boots go even further away from the origin of the cowboy boot and make a space only they can call their own. Still following the classic cowboy boot pattern but cutting it short, low-cut cowgirl boots are all about making a statement. Going excellently well with casual outfits, but even more so with more formal options, they are the go-to boot when you want to step out of the box but still keep it classy.

Low-Cut Cowboy Boots


Even though they have way less space for detailing low-cut women’s cowboy boots do manage to add unique appliques and designs to the body, paving the way for every woman out there to find her own signature look. From classic western-inspired details to colourful studs, the low-cut cowgirl boot is the perfect mix between the old and the new, uniting fashion that was with fashion that is, creating in the meantime a truly one-of-a-kind boot that should find its place in every wardrobe.

Perfect for warmer months, low-cut cowboy boots can go as low as your ankle and as high as the middle of your calf. This diversity makes them very easy to pair with any type of clothing – from dresses to pants to cardigans. Women’s country boots are all about individuality and putting a creative twist, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find all the outfits you love. The only rules are the ones you set for yourself.