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Who wants luxury gifts more? Man or women?


Since ancient times, gifts have been a way to express how much we care and love our closest ones. Many would argue that real affection cannot be articulated through gifting, however, a right choice of a gift can only help express true feelings. That is why people are used to receiving gifts, which are nowadays becoming a symbol for love, affection and celebration. Both men and women enjoy occasional gift and the attention of the other party. To be precise, historically speaking, luxury gifts were mostly bought by men who wished to express their love to a fiancee or a girlfriend on a special day. It was considered gentleman-like. However, it seems that in recent decades the act of buying luxury gifts for women has lost the image of gentlemen behavior, as women are starting to buy luxury gifts for men as well. So the big question here is who wants luxury gifts more these days ? Man or women?

It is no secret that women love to go shopping and pamper themselves with the latest collection of dresses and make up. Therefore, they are even more happy when surprised by boyfriend or husband with a piece of jewelry they liked but found it too expensive. When buying luxury gifts for women, price is not the most important factor to consider, but the right choice of present that will suit her style. It is the attention and not the value of a gift that women respect. Some women even despise the very idea of receiving luxury gifts because they get the wrong impression or feel obligated to give something in return.

One of the major trends in modern society is the equality of men and women. Women have become more than just housewives these days, holding important and high-paid positions which was hardly possible just few decades ago. This recognition of women has enabled them the ability to afford to buy luxury gifts for men, for their husbands and boyfriends. However, many men who earn less money than their ‘better half’ and at the same time are pampered with this luxury gifts, often find it as a big blow to their ego and do not agree with these new trends. From a male point of view the answer to our question of who wants luxury gifts more, may seem easy – women love luxury gifts more. But with constant shifts in perception in today’s modern life, we cannot be certain for how long men will be the ones who wait by cashier’s stand to pay for the luxury gifts.