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What’s the Difference Between Pocket Spring vs Open Coil Mattresses


A good night’s sleep is essential for the body to function properly through the whole day. Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on both your mental and physical health such as impairing your problem-solving skills, decision-making, your attention span, controlling your emotions, coping with change, the function of your heart and blood vessels, your muscles, decrease your immunity, and so on.

Very often, discomfort is the main cause for your sleeping troubles, or to be more precise, your mattress. If your mattress is old, it has probably already lost its properties and isn’t supporting your body as it should be which is why you wake up with a sore back and even more tired than you were before going to sleep. All this is a good indicator that you need to buy a new mattress. But, though it may sound pretty straight forward, it is actually a difficult task when you consider all the different types of mattresses available on the market.

So, let me simplify things for you. I will provide some information on two of the most popular types of mattress pocket spring and open coil.

Open coil mattresses or also know and continuous coil, are the most common types of mattresses. They are made of an inter-connected spring system which is a traditional and low cost method for mass production of mattresses. This makes open coil mattresses the cheapest on the market. The firmness of the mattresses is determined by the thickness of the wire used for the springs. This is often referred to as the “gauge” and the higher the gauge is the firmer the mattress and the more support it provides.

There is a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with open coil mattresses, but it is mostly up to personal preferences. The good ting is that they provide great support and are used for orthopaedic mattresses because of their firmness. They are light weight and easy to turn and you can always combine them with some memory foam for extra comfort. However, open coil mattresses are not as robust as other type and very often a “crater” appears in the middle after continuous use. Also, when sleeping with a partner you will feel each others movements.

This mattress type, on the other hand, offers much more support than open coil. The springs are not inter-connected and each individual spring is housed in a pocket made out of fabric which enables them to work independently. Thanks to this feature, pocket spring mattresses can support people with different weight and getting in and out of bed or otherwise moving around will not affect your partner. The individual pocket springs adapt to the shape of your body resulting in a significant increase in comfort compared to open coil and may help relief aches and pains caused during sleep. Generally, pocket spring mattresses last much longer than an open coil mattress of the same quality.

It is up to personal taste to decide which mattresses you want to buy. Basically if you don’t have any issues sleeping and you sleep alone, you can go for the low cost option, otherwise you can invest in a high quality option and feel the benefits of maximum comfort and quality sleep.