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Trybikes: What Sets Steel and Wooden Ones Apart

Tricycles are ideal for keeping your kid physically active. Cycling plays a huge role in child development, and it has been proven that trikes can improve kids’ motor skills. Besides, they are also a great way to encourage your kid to become more independent from an early age.trybike_lifestyleParents know how difficult and exhausting it can be to go even to the closest grocery store with a two or three-year-old. So, instead of having to pick him/her up in your hands after 5 minutes of walking (because he/she is already tired), you can take the tricycle with you and let your child enjoy while staying active. And since quality matters a lot, finding a reputable and trusted brand is essential. That being said, Trybike has all the credibility when it comes to child safety. Designed and produced in the Netherlands, you can choose between two types of these lovely looking trikes.

Wooden Trike

This is 4 bikes in 1 – the perfect option for various stages of childhood. This Trybike is a synonym of sturdiness, quality and longevity. These are designed with high quality materials only and feature a flexible seat that can move up and backwards, thus providing your kid with the perfect riding position through the years. The lowest seat height of the seat can be 27cm and the highest 50cm.

Unlike other balance bikes, which have an enormous turning circle, the wooden trikes by this brand have a small turning radius which is more convenient for smaller children. Another advantage is their great rider position. Unlike the many other tricycle balance bikes which are mainly available in two sizes, small and large, the wooden Trybike trike has a perfectly positioned seat and handlebar. That way your kid will not outgrow the trike and won’t constantly hit his/her heels against the long rear axle. These trikes have a short front and rear axle without too many rings, tubes and other unnecessary accessories. Except for all of this, every single part is available separately, so you won’t have to worry about repairing and servicing.wooden trybike for kids

Steel Trikes

Unlike the wooden ones, these are known as Trybike 2 in 1. These bikes have an extremely durable construction with the most amazing details on it. They also have a small turning radius which is more convenient in the early stages of riding. Unlike the wooden models, these have a control disk for the back wheel which allows you to make the seat lower or higher. Besides this, this disc allows you to increase or shorten the wheelbase. Both the steel and the wooden trike versions can easily transform into a balance bike by removing only one tyre from the back. Once your kid is able to balance the bike with legs uplift, she/he is ready for a pedal bike. The steel version of Trybike balance bike has also a footrest which makes balancing more successful and easier.

In addition, these trikes come with sticker sheets in various designs and colours. These stickers are made of durable vinyl with UV laminate which makes them resistant to water, wind and sunlight. Just like wooden trikes, the steel ones are also designed with convenience and simplicity in mind. They also have a short front and rear axle without too many rings, tubes or some other unnecessary parts. The long rear axle is quite basic, but it’s made of extremely strong steel which makes it even more durable.steel trybike for kids

Final Thoughts

As you can see, both of these trikes are durable, functional, convenient and easy to ride. Easy assembly, smoothly running wheels (due to superior bearings, nylon bushings and tough axels) and extra-wide pneumatic tyres with excellent grip on any terrain are the other things they have in common. The only difference is in the material, the design and the footrest which is present in the steel trike. So, it’s really up to you and your personal taste regarding which type of trike you’ll choose for your little one. Either way, you won’t make a mistake as both of these models are easy to ride, practical and sustainable.